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Jack Ulstrom

  1. Shakopee, Minnesota
  2. Metal
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  1. Split w/.Gif From God
    by Vein
    A Crumpled Memo A Crumpled Memo
  2. Terrors Realm
    by Vein
    Ripple Ripple
  3. S/T
    by Vein
    Gust Gust
  4. Pop Culture
    by Knocked Loose
    The Gospel The Gospel
  5. Split - EP
    by Knocked Loose
    Damned Earth Damned Earth
  6. Death Projection
    by Old Wounds
    Dead Beat Blues Dead Beat Blues
  7. From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest
    by Old Wounds
    Disbelieve Disbelieve
  8. Stjerner, speil og svartebøker...
    by Minneriket
    Jærtegn Jærtegn
    Pagan black metal that hearkens back to the best of the '90s scene while remaining fresh and innovative.
  9. Bomb Thrower
    by Dark Horse
    Hope Was Your Mistake Hope Was Your Mistake
    This album sounds exactly how the cover art looks - grinding D-beat full of meaty riffs and violent vocals.
  10. Going to the Morgue
    by Mesrine
    Mise à mort Mise à mort
    Grindcore should make the listener uncomfortable. Mesrine makes me quake in my boots. 'Nuff said.
  11. The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch
    by Infant Annihilator
    Pelt of Innocent Flesh Pelt of Innocent Flesh
    Deathcore isn't always my cup of tea, but Infant Annihilator make a strong case for the genre. Incredible technical proficiency blends with a modern metalcore sensibility and a distinctly death metal vibe.
  12. Gloom Daze
    by Wanderer
    Sun Bleached Sun Bleached
    Contemporary hardcore at its prime. This record is heavy, cathartic and driving - not one to miss.
  13. Born To Ruin I: The Way Is Shut
    Night (Zola Jesus Cover) Night (Zola Jesus Cover)
    Brooding and ominous, this is The Banner at their darkest.
  14. Human Collapse Syndrome
    by GRID
    Sluta Gråt, Spela Snabbare Sluta Gråt, Spela Snabbare
    Grindcore with the emphasis on the 'core'. Punishing and heavy as metal gets, but with a driving punk spirit and a wild attitude.
  15. Body and Blood
    by SPEAKER
    Warmth Warmth
    Pummeling, manic metalcore in the vein of The Banner or Old Wounds with a completely original spirit.
  16. Gore Infamous | Cadaver In Methodical Overture
    by New Standard Elite
    Visions of Slaughtering Visions of Slaughtering
    I'm not much for brutal death metal, but when the riffs are this killer and the mood is this absurdly aggressive, it's hard not to enjoy.
  17. Vinterblod
    by Nattsvargr
    Frozen Ritual Frozen Ritual
    Black metal should be cold and desolate, and Nattsvargr is the sound of a frozen wasteland.
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  18. Fuxleichen
    by DRUX
    III. III.
    Evil and unrelenting. Hail the black metal underground.
  19. Upon The Altar
    Necrodeathfuck Necrodeathfuck
    A stellar release by perhaps the most exciting band in extreme metal. First-wave black metal meets old-school thrash meets absolute hatred.
  20. Of Ash and Dying Light
    by Nachtterror / Altars of Grief
    In Dying Light In Dying Light
    A whirlwind of black metal, funeral doom, melodeath and post-hardcore that is as emotionally resolute as it is punishingly unforgiving.
  21. Yer Killin' Me
    by Remo Drive
    The perfect pop song, period.
  22. 1917
    by Gherzen
    Mass Madness Mass Madness
    1917 accomplishes what black metal has been trying to do for decades. This is the coldest and darkest side of the human experience - resentment, desperation, sorrow - distilled into a powerful, moving hour of music.
  23. demo
    by deafheaven
    Exit:Denied Exit:Denied
    Surprisingly "metal" compared to the rest of their output, but still indicative of the direction they'd soon be headed.
  24. Pumpkin Spice (demo)
    by Kill You Twice
    A... different kind of love song, to say the least.

    I wouldn't think this were a demo if it didn't say so - sound quality is better than most bands' early EPs.
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  25. Bootleg
    by Anticitizen
    Police State USA Police State USA
    No-frills punk rock, full of working-class sweat and leftist politics. The sound is very rooted in the 80s DC hardcore scene, but filtered through classic crust and a little bit of Brit-punk bile.
  26. S/T
    by Circadian Ritual
    Black Chalice I Black Chalice I
    Ominous, violent doom/black/death full of powerful vocals, haunting riffs and thunderous drums.
  27. Vorace (MCD/7'') 2014
    by Saccage
    Perversion-Déchéance Perversion-Déchéance
    Blackened crust from the gutters of Hell. This is the kind of music your Sunday school teachers warned you about.
  28. Dream / Comfort
    by Pierre
    Comfort Comfort
    Pierre is probably the most exciting thing to come out of punk since the Ramones. Guitars have some flowery, indie vibes that mesh comfortably with the rougher-hewn influences.