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  1. The OnE
    by MeLLLo
  2. Atlantis
    by Archèometre
    Now the bridge is built. Archèometre Wings are spreAd and can cover Your aura. listeN to thE wind & sounds that sculpt the oCeans. You will Never regreT wHat you'll never forget. sItnaltA 🩵💦💫
  3. At Home Mountains
    by Alice Thompson
  4. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime V1 (Acapella)
    by Parralox
  5. The Black Maria
    The Alibi The Alibi
    🔥 A long time special invited guest at the Box.... now The Black-n'red- Maria is finally dancing on our turntable. Let's have a dance with her...
    Catharsis Catharsis
    ♠️ No guitar. No need. No sugar. No wish. No dream. Insomnia. No. Sexsomnia. One base. Two basses. ANd oNe zOé ❤️✝️❤️
  7. Life Got Claws
    by The Secret French Postcards
    Dreaming At Last Dreaming At Last
    ♠️ Life Got Claws and its soaring guitars is one of the best Album released this decade (and more). This enchanting creation is truly a must have in its physical beauty form
  8. Divine Intervéntion
    by Archèometre
    A new Mission awaits you within the universe.
    There’s so much Beauty within the Chaos that it would be wise to follow the path of the mysteries.
    Listen to the Divine Intervéntion to let your soul penetrate new levels of your own mysteries.
    Let the music set new colours in your own life. Wisdom awaits eternally… 💙🎶💙 Thank you Archèometre
  9. The Sex Tape Sessions EP
    by Kill Shelter & Death Loves Veronica
    Death Kiss [Kill Shelter Extended Remix] Death Kiss [Kill Shelter Extended Remix]
    ♠️ Fantastic EP !!!! Great songs with The Sinner & Death Kiss both written by DLVero 💞. Total Master Mix by Kill Shelter is a killing. The EP of the DecaDe !
  10. Dust & Disorders (Complete Edition)
    by Fragrance.
    Hanté de moi Hanté de moi
    ♠️ Hélène & Matthieu, vous nous hantez... et quel plaisir de se faire balancer sur la piste avec une telle Fragrance 🔥
  11. Shattered (Feat. Claudia Blackstar)
    by Elegize
    ♠️ Claudia has a Voice. Hear here... The Voice of the Universe
  12. Dreaming At Last
    by The Secret French Postcards
    post written at

    ♠️ is the beautiful single of the Secret French Postcards new album soon to be released.
    No songs can be more seducing than Dreaming... at last ... for the time being.... 'cos ... YEAHHHHH.... soon the new album to be released. THE killing of 2022. Show your joy and join The Secret French Postcards in their musical journey !
  13. JE T'AIME Deluxe - Remastered 2022
    by JE T'AIME
    A Million Suns (Deluxe - Remastered) A Million Suns (Deluxe - Remastered)

    Quand on AIME je t'AIME on voit un million de soleils ...
  14. Nightmares (Fatherless Child Remix)
    by Weird Wolves
    ♠️ A Voice A ♠️ She is 💙. No more Nightmares within when AVA sings. Raphael & Fatherless edit trying to break the peacefulness with an intense beating low-fi rhythm. But they can't kill our Wolf-beast within...
  15. Underneath
    by Kawakuro & Claudia Blackstar
    ♠️ It's always Underneath that the force is the strongest. It's not what is seems as you don't see. Meet your fears, shed your tears... and hear... the Underneath 💛🎶💛
    Sexsomnia - Adrenal Mix Sexsomnia - Adrenal Mix
    ♠️ Bass that bumps your body. Vive le Québec, vive l'insomnie. Join us for the night to come... 4 nice tracks full of adreNaline. A good start in the darK
    Nocturne Nocturne
    Sexsomnia has woken up. Let's do some Bass bang and bam with them. Dark Electro Goth is here again... who jump in, who dives into ?
  18. Early Singles (1981 - 1982)
    by Xmal Deutschland
    ❤️♠️ ❤️ All inside is what music is Life
    Awaiting a good TOCSIN bell...
  19. Codes
    by Anja Huwe
    ❤️♠️ ❤️ Sooooo gooood to see Anja is back ! Xmal that was my dream...
    and it came true... again... I am not Allein...
  20. Diamond (feat. ARDENITE)
    by Claudia Blackstar
    A diamond is a real GEM. Alors j'aime... 💛💥💛