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  1. She Said - Single version
    by Black Angel
    A great song from our Black Angel leader. Matt has all the right views on melodies and text for Goth killer songs. This one is incredible with Corey soaring She Said down our spine. Yes, come my Angel, the album is not far to flow within your blood.
  2. The Widow Extended Deluxe
    by Black Angel
    Poison - Live - Terragram Ballroom Dec 2019 Poison - Live - Terragram Ballroom Dec 2019
    Black Angel will fly high. Music lover... GET your EARS on this Fan-TAS-TIC album !
    All songs are definitely powerful singles.

    This is the special DeLuXe edition

    Look down to the white album for the heaven for your ears words
  3. The Widow
    by Black Angel
    The Widow The Widow
    The Widow Lie to you. She Walk away from the Fire. Christine, a Kiss like a Bullet to the Head. A Creeper Poison.

    I tell you a secret, Top Goth Rock, gentle side of the Bauhaus...
    Vocals reminds me of Peter Murphy.

    All songs are definitely powerful singles. You just don't want to Walk Away. Or with them and keep on listening all night long this Black Angel.

    Can only be next to a gentle Chaos. Black Angel is my new demon.

    Black Angel... heaven for your ears

  4. Kiss of Death
    by Black Angel
    She Said She Said
    Put your lips on me, my Black Angel.

    Once the Widow kisses you like an Animal, you’ll understand that you are her Prisoner. Hey now, her venomous Poison works like an Alchemy. I should have warned you, She said.
    Want for More > You will not be disappointed by the Hurricane in your blood. My suicide, the Night Call. Hum,,, let’s first take the Kiss of Death go through mind and ears until the release of the second light comes out
  5. ANIMAL - Single Edition
    by Black Angel
    YEEEEESSS! 👍 XACTLY what we want to hear from you.
    C'mon Goth Rock followers, let's create a zoo. We are all AnimaL anyway.
  6. Now That I'm Real
    by Fragrance.
    So Typical So Typical
    Love it just because it IS one of the best album of the latest 10 years ! Dark and enjoyable melodies. Du tempérament de diable. Fans... throw your ears on this Fragrance!
  7. Another Me
    by fifirong
  8. Against Strong Thinking
    by SDH
    Poem Against Strong Thinking Poem Against Strong Thinking
    Only 6 poems but this EP is brilliant. I would place the 6 songs as "my favorite". Voice and melody will bring you a cool shiver down your spine. Jump, jump jump and DANCE with these beauties that gives light to the dark !

    Four Arms is the song of the decade.
  9. Love Yourself First
    by Fifi Rong
    Once you feel Yourself, then you can give all Your Love to Others.

    Give it All
  10. Heaven Is Waiting
    by The Danse Society
    Come Inside Come Inside
    TOP Post-Punk Goth Dark Wave with plaintiff vocals.
    This vinyl is a pearl in my collection. Today is the day of the digital sound. I waited so long to see Danse Society back. Yipee. Fans, throw your heart on this post punk incredible album. A top one too much unknown. Let's see the Alternative Dancing rise again ! And please, do... Come inside
  11. Speed of the Stars
    by Speed of the Stars ( Steve Kilbey and Frank Kearns)
    Vela Velox Vela Velox
    On a Gold afternoon, fix the Stars, take a shaker in which you pour Pink Floyd and the Church. 11pearls from this album to sip. Down your throat, down your spine you will shiver. One Of the best album Of all Time.

    Ahhh see the followers coming... lots of good taste ! 68 Sept 2016

    Life is here.. what 94 at start 2017 come on...
    Still a fav album and 132 followers might think the same ...
    155 for 2018. Happy New Year !
    225-2019 still not sufficient
    C'mon..reach 333. Done Aug 2020 ! Well deserved
  12. Everywhere I go is Silence
    by Box and the Twins
    Guilty Red Guilty Red
    Beautiful album out of Gravity

    There were no more words here, there should be no more, but that's too good. Thank you Synth Religion. Thanks Hélène !
    The LiVe cd is blowing the hearts out !! When can we see you both live together again... + Fragrance ?
  13. Distance
    by Fifi Rong
    One of the strongest vocal performance from Mrs Fifi. She went from the asian side to here from a distance. Her vocal is nearer and it's never so good as when she is here. When we hear her say those ordinary words, we know she fights. Come my music friend. Come and fight with her. Come and fight with us
    by box and the twins
    sometimes the waves (Evi Vine Remix) sometimes the waves (Evi Vine Remix)
    For the surprising remix made by Evi Vine for Box !

    Also because this is always a great Box ;-)

    Beautiful EP
  15. Out Of You
    by The Secret French Postcards
    Inside Inside
    Again a great EP from the Swedes.. ;-) Aerial goth with their heavenly guitars. INSIDE the EP ... great vocals on layered guitars as their "secret". Every day I send Postcards... to my ears. & Fan you should do the same. Each release is a masterpiece of creation.
  16. Contradictions
    by The Secret French Postcards
    Make me bleed Make me bleed
    Another beautiful album from the Swedish. Brilliant melodies with the clear light guitars that fly to the sky. A top Album ! Check also "Lips" ... a killer song !
  17. Les Éditions Ostra
    by The Secret French Postcards
    Fingers Fingers
    Oh no, not just another punkgothish band. Some high guitars and Chameleons atmospheres. A great swedish band !
    Jump, run, dance and live. Get on board an'lick'em!!

    Hey Bandcamp FANS .. WAKE up !!!! Listen to This Album... A great CREATION ! yes I SAID CREATION !!!!!
  18. Black Cherry
    by This Cold Night
    Black Cherry Black Cherry
    A cold wave musicality that drives us back .... yes way back to, say 1985. Very nicely made with its guitar, clear but delicately distorted. The voice isn't. Clear one and reminiscence of the Romantics New Wavers. Black Cherry becomes one of my preferred fruit.
  19. Raum
    by Grauzone
    Raum (Naum Gabo Rework) (feat. Dennis Young) Raum (Naum Gabo Rework) (feat. Dennis Young)
    GrauZone forever. In two words : the best Swiss band. Punk-PostPunk-New Waver and FloorKillerDancers, this one is ForYou !
    ... yes GothLovers may joint too...
  20. All Things Pass Into The Night
    by Psyche
    Goodbye Horses (21st Century Immortality Mix) Goodbye Horses (21st Century Immortality Mix)
    The best remiX of the BesT Psyche song...