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  1. Speed of the Stars
    by Speed of the Stars ( Steve Kilbey and Frank Kearns)
    Vela Velox Vela Velox
    On a Gold afternoon, fix the Stars, take a shaker in which you pour Pink Floyd and the Church. 11pearls from this album to sip. Down your throat, down your spine you will shiver. One Of the best album Of all Time.

    Ahhh see the followers coming... lots of good taste ! 68 Sept 2016

    Life is here.. what 94 at start 2017.. come on ...
    Still my fav album !! and 132 followers.. might think the same ...
  2. Creatures
    by Ari Mason
    Dim the Lights Dim the Lights
    Waow...finally a cd from the heavenly melodic voice ! Probably one of the Best Gotika Créature we can meet in the dark. Always powerful tempo-dancing-dreaming songs. PS.. Listen Dressed for Space or the beauty of Uber den Horizont (edit the Blutengel's beauties... hmmm Ari) if you want to hear what I mean. Delicious delirious.

    Very happy to see where Ari cd followers stands today 112 ! Deserve it !! (now Sept. 2016). 148 at start 2017.. let's go !
    Can stop listening to Ari.. and followers join.
  3. The Same Road
    by Fifi Rong
    Catching ... melody, heavenly voice, the time and the silence, the transparent clouds, enola sky and you. And in a future to come a clubbing hit for a Mrs Rong who should catch you also Dear Music Lover. Who's joining me in heaven ?
    A Cure return for the sound, A Chameleonesque guitar hiding but blowing its cries. Yes ... good bands are "Still there" !
  5. New Breed - Pleasure & Pain
    by Gothic Music Records
    Neurotica Neurotica
    Yes .. need the CD

    Ok received .. Wow contain the complete Shadows EP.. means lots of bonuses you can not hear here. 13 songs ... the lot. And still the same great punch !

    ...And see few lines below (on the other cd cover... the white one - yes bought both .. too goood) the full text for the feeling of this great album. Come on guys .. listen to Pleasure !!! A blast! The 20 fans reading can't be true !
  6. Noire Psyché
    by Saigon Blue Rain
    The Unknown The Unknown
    WOAW .. what a band to discover. Probably the best that can be done in 2017. So " all the good things inside".. Cocteau, Essence-tial, Not to remain UnKnoWn. Great Voice ... can wait to see you live.. See YoU sooN !
  7. Hang Me Love Me
    by Meat Injection
    Hang Me Love Me Hang Me Love Me
    Ho Yeah...let's HaNG & dAnCe
  8. Prints
    by Prints
    Tears Tears
    All that makes good songs. Need more... Enjoy/Create/Long lifE !
  9. K.
    by Cigarettes After Sex
    Again a great cigarette...
    & I don't smoke. The new album is one of the best of the decade !
    by Reverside
    Wrong Wrong
    Lovers of Depeche Mode.. you may jump on this Dream ("Rêver"). Melodies and atmosphere are brilliant for a first EP. Just listen to the tempting "Skin" or the orchestral "A Sensitive Criminal's Guilt". Needs a few listen to be caught up ... like the biggest bands and songs in fact. "Wrong" catches us quickly but listen the complete EP ! More than a "first try", very well done ! I won't regret and I won't be "Lost". Happy future to all who will listen and to all Side of the Rever ("rivr")
  11. Bundle of Tantrums
    by Jasmine Thompson
    Hey There Delilah Hey There Delilah
  12. Mad World (Instrumental)
    by Jasmine Thompson
  13. Sonic poetry EP
    by Headdreamer
    Lifelines rmx (original by dISHARMONY) Lifelines rmx (original by dISHARMONY)
    All life all lines.... aren't the same

    hence all dreams heading elsewhere
  14. Belirdi Gece
    by She Past Away
    Belirdi Gece (Musallat) Belirdi Gece (Musallat)
    Never mind the words, the music is a deliverance. YES Great ALBUM. Can not choose the best song.
  15. Narin Yalnızlık
    by She Past Away
    Uçtu Belirsizliğe Uçtu Belirsizliğe
    Never mind the words, the music is a deliverance. YES Great ALBUM. Can not choose the best song.
  16. PORT
    by framheim
    Fortune Fortune
  17. [wʌn]
    by framheim
    Closer Closer
  18. IF
    by SYTERIA
    If .. Syteria was not ... who would create such energy. Listen the new Rantobot album...and let me know when U get touched ! When I get out" and "I'm all woman".. probably my favorites. For Girlschool era lovers!

    I am the first ... how come... listen and join the power age
  19. New Breed ‎– Pleasure & Pain
    by Gothic Music Store
    Pleasure Pleasure
    Your pleasure, my pain, not to have known you earlier.
    Goth Rock at its fullest !
    For fans of Sisters, Mission, Killing Joke, Poesie Noire (you'r the best my friends)
    and so on and on and on.

    Few listen later : WAOW yes please more PLeaSure more PaiN
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Wistful
    by Sylvaine
    In the Wake of Moments Passed By In the Wake of Moments Passed By
    All is just so beautiful.. no need to write. just listen and dream away.
  21. Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart
    by Sylvaine
    Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart
    Great album from the North. Thanks Sylvaine
  22. Iuvenis
    by M!R!M
    At Night At Night
    The different atmospheres
  23. Stupid Bitch Reject
    by Saigon Blue Rain
    Side By Side Side By Side
    That's my new discovery. See also Noir Psyché.. above..
  24. What I Don't See
    by Saigon Blue Rain
    Queen Ephemeria Queen Ephemeria
    That's my new discovery. See also Noir Psyché.. above..
  25. Goodbye Horses
    by Saigon Blue Rain
    Goodbye Horses Goodbye Horses
    A very nice cover !!!
    A Rainbow is fading A Rainbow is fading
  27. Uncovered Volume 3
    by Unwoman
    Cry Little Sister Cry Little Sister
    She's always art the top...nicely done again UnWoMaN
  28. EP#3 - Futures
    by H ø R D
    Futures Futures
    Nicely coldish
  29. Ep #2
    by H ø R D
    Speak (Hante remix) Speak (Hante remix)
    Cos' it's the 2
  30. Sins of Mine (Apoptygma Berzerk)
    by Mortiis
    Sins of Mine (Apoptygma Berzerk) Sins of Mine (Apoptygma Berzerk)
    For the soul of APOP and the OMD haunting behind
  31. Where's The Revolution (Depeche Mode Cover)
    by Leaether Strip
    Where's The Revolution (Depeche Mode Cover) Where's The Revolution (Depeche Mode Cover)
    A great cover ... what ??? No a Great Leather Stripped again.. the DM is covered
  32. No More (This is the last time) Depeche Mode cover version
    by Leaether Strip
    No more (This is the last time) Depeche Mode cover version No more (This is the last time) Depeche Mode cover version
    As Dave would say !

    8 members when I came..but will go UPPPPPP quickly. So nicely Stripped
  33. Preacher
    by Septicell
    Sinner Sinner
  34. Sparkles in the Dark vol.2
    by Darkitalia
    Cave Cave
    Lots of good bands to discover. Hapax (Cave) still/already in the favorites.
  35. Diapositiva
    by Nero Moderno
    Distanze Distanze
    For the kurtz distanz(e) to arrivederci Roma, bongiorno Lucca
  36. Silent Age - The Sound Italian Tribute
    by Darkitalia
    Possession Possession
    What a bunch of... good ones. Hello again ... Ash Code, Geometric visions. Listen you fellows and disc-over
  37. Good, Giving, Game EP
    by Beauty Queen Autopsy
    Good, Giving, Game v1.1 Good, Giving, Game v1.1
    Maybe for "Pure Morning"... a good giving game
  38. Day For Night
    All is there... to discover
  39. Missing Scene
    What's missing
  40. Remixes for the Masses
    by Depeche mode
    No Disco (Techni-ka Remix) No Disco (Techni-ka Remix)
    Disco-Nodisco... The Speak and Spell age
  41. Miazma ‎– Miazma
    by Gothic Music Records America
    Lorelei Lorelei
    Large atmospheric sound, heavy production, nice guitars, few synths well placed. Another bass voice to listen to .... and quite entertaining to say the least... A good Sister for the Sisters !
  42. Dressed In Black
    by Miazma
    Walk Away Walk Away
    No.. don't WalK AwaY ...
    again a "first and last and always" reminder" of the SisterS... too good to be missed.. we are 2 but not for long... Heaven's waiting
  43. Dollar Rush (10th Anniversary Gothic Rock Limited Edition)
    by Miazma
    Mary- Anne Mary- Anne
    Why not a birthday with Mary-Anne ?
  44. Walk The Wire
    by Miazma
    More Than Miles More Than Miles
    Another great success for Sweden. Same road again for MiAzMA but why not do a few more miles
  45. Mirror Mirror
    by The Secret Light
    Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror
    Mirror Mirror, who's the right eighties sound today ?