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  2. Metal
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  1. ...And Again Into The Light
    by Panopticon
  2. Awenden/Feminazgul Split
    by Awenden/Feminazgul
  3. Pale Swordsman
    by Këkht Aräkh
  4. Endless Halls of Golden Totem
    by Blazon Rite
  5. A Diabolic Thirst
  6. Primitiue Blak Metal
    by Paisaunt
    Wynter Wakeneth Al My Care Wynter Wakeneth Al My Care
  7. Ετερόφωτος
    The Sorcerer Above The Clouds The Sorcerer Above The Clouds
  8. Burn In Many Mirrors
    by Wode
    Sulphuric Glow Sulphuric Glow
  9. Midsummer
    by Of Antler And Oak
  10. Yuletide
    by Of Antler And Oak
  11. Le Dernier Rempart
    by Herzel
  12. Ни царя, ни бога
    by Koldovstvo
  13. SAIDAN - Jigoku: Spiraling Chasms Of The Blackest Hell
    by SAIDAN
    Kanashimi Kanashimi
  14. Onryō: Vengeful Spirits In The Eastern Night
    by Saidan
  15. The Triumph of Spring
    by Borg
  16. Vampyric Burial Shroud
    by Erythrite Throne
  17. "Eneidiau" - Demo
    by Eneidiau
  18. flies the coop [demo]
    by Hole Dweller
  19. Rotten Garden
    by Grima
  20. In Sullen Praise of Somnus
    by Hosste