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  1. The Wreck of the Hesperus
    by BORT
  2. Equations for the Useless
    by Oreyeon
  3. Nemesis Lately
    by Somnus Throne
  4. Fever Fantasy
    by Sasquatch
  5. Shadow Work
    by DRUIDS
  6. Conspiranoid
    by Primus
  7. Phantom Knocks
    by GRIN
  8. A Passage Divine
    by Bogwife
  9. Lunar Hippies & The Great Binge
    by Deadeye Navigator
  10. Atma (Deluxe Edition)
    by YOB
  11. The Cursed Who Perform The Larvagod Rites
    by Mammoth Volume
  12. Black Blood of the Earth / A Sunken Place
    by Blue Heron
  13. Fatalismo
    by WOORMS
  14. 13 Even
    by 13 Even
  15. Blood of the Old Gods
    by Restless Spirit
    Just ordered the nosferatu, creeper shirt. Really wish I found you guys when you had vinyl still available! Lol pissed, but happy for you guys you sold out of them. Get some more printed up please. Hope to see you in Philly soon.
  16. D A R W I N
    by Red Sun Atacama
  17. Language
    by The Contortionist
  18. Skin & Sorrow
    by Frayle
  19. Feathered Serpent | Death Hand EP
    by Grave Bathers
  20. May Our Chambers Be Full
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou