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  1. Bong Weasley
    by BAD MEN
  2. Nine Atmospheres
    by BEGGAR
  3. Hailz
    by PIST
  4. The Grand Mal
    by The Grand Mal
  5. Kurokunder split 7"
    by Kurokuma & Under
  6. Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol. 1
    by Kurokuma
  7. Advorsus
    by Kurokuma
  8. The Grand Mal
    by The Grand Mal
  9. Movin On Singles
    by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight
  10. Rhetoric of the Image
    by Torpor
  11. Blood Eagle
    by Conan
  12. Gravelands
    by Possessor
  13. Caramel Cigarette EP
    by BEGGAR
  14. The Road Will End
    by Armed For Apocalypse
  15. BORK
    by Mastiff
  16. Reverence
    by Ba'al
  17. Chainscraper EP
    by BEGGAR
  18. Gravelands
    by Possessor
  19. Tumor Has It
    by Foetal Juice
  20. Dead Eden
    by Everest Queen
  21. Tyke
    by BongCauldron
  22. Orange
    by Toke - STB-28
  23. A Billion Faces
    by Gandalf the Green
  24. Unholy Sedition
    by Burial
  25. Masters of Absurdity
    by Foetal Juice
  26. More Hate, More Hell
    by Foetal Juice
  27. Spell Book I: Ceridwen
    by Seed of the Sorcerer, Womb of the Witch
  28. Yuxa
    by Yuxa
  29. Paralysis of Reason
    by Tides of Sulfur
  30. Extinction Curse
    by Tides of Sulfur
  31. Ten'Yer
    by Widows
  32. Famyne
    by Famyne
  33. Strike #2
    by Atomic Trip
  34. Nanoångström
    by Bast
  35. Forever Marching Backwards
    by Battalions
  36. The Tide, Beneath, The Wall
    by Tuskar
  37. The Ripper
    by Possessor
  38. Stop Being Naive
    by Under
  39. Solitude And Savagery
    by Barbarian Hermit
  40. Tyke
    by BongCauldron
  41. Dope Rider
    by Kurokuma
  42. Reign of the Unblinking Eye
    by The Bendal Interlude
  43. Rei
    by Hundred Year Old Man
    by Barbarian Hermit
  45. Herb Your Enthusiasm (Reissue)
    by Boss Keloid