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  1. Lostfolk
    by Gaz Brookfield
  2. Plot 32 Singles Collection
    by Plot 32
  3. I Drank the Beer
    by DAVES
  4. Lostfolk
    by Gaz Brookfield
  5. A New Low (2019)
    by Footprints In The Custard
  6. Karl Phillips & The Rejects
    by Karl Phillips & The Rejects
  7. AVAS
    by AVAS
  8. Last Orders
    by Calvinball
  9. The Singles Collection
    by Speed Dinosaurs
  10. ...Outrun the Meteor Shower
    by Speed Dinosaurs
  11. The Fanny Pee (2017)
    by Footprints In The Custard
  12. False Hopes EP
    by Epic Problem
  13. Great, Big, Nothing (LP / CD 2017)
    by 7 Years Bad Luck
  14. Pardon Us // Only Strangers Split
    by Pardon Us // Only Strangers
  15. Alterations
    by The Burnt Tapes
  16. The Murderburgers & Rational Anthem Make A Deal To Do Cool Shit
    by The Murderburgers
  17. "The 12 Habits" Album Demos
    by The Murderburgers
  18. Fraser Murderburger - Trash Sessions EP
    by The Murderburgers
  19. Bohemian Rhapsody Part 2 (Demo)
    by The Murderburgers
  20. Old Bullshit, Rare Bullshit, Previously Unreleased Bullshit & Live Bullshit (2007-2013)
    by The Murderburgers
  21. These Are Only Problems
    by The Murderburgers
  22. Self Esteem (AJJ cover)
    by The Murderburgers
  23. The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People
    by The Murderburgers
  24. How To Ruin Your Life (Asian Man Records Re-Release w/ Bonus Tracks)
    by The Murderburgers
  25. Driven to Distraction
    by Gutter Romance
  26. A Little Less Than Ok
    by Eat Defeat
  27. The Leif Ericsson
    by The Leif Ericsson
  28. Greatest Hits
    by Remo Drive
  29. Toxic Care (7"/Cassette/Digital Download)
    by Natterers
  30. Utopia
    by The Lab Rats
  31. Planet Earth II
    by Revenge of the Psychotronic Man
  32. Everything But The Here And Now
    by Happy Accidents
  33. Going to the Trouble
    by Gutter Romance
  34. TNS008
    by Stand Out Riot
  35. More Bloody Bad News
    by The Dauntless Elite
  36. Beat The Red Light
    by Beat The Red Light
  37. Solo acoustic guy (Digital download only)
    by Gaz Brookfield
  38. Like Velcro
    by Just Blankets
  39. Permanent Rainbow
    by Nervus
  40. Roach (Band Camp EP)
    by Aerial Salad
  41. Fresh
    by Fresh
  42. Stay Afloat
    by Spoilers
  43. Monsters
    by Sweet Little Machine
  44. Long Term Plan
    by Broadbay
  45. Pocket Universe
    by Don Blake