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  1. Punk
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  1. Solo for Two Tamburas
    by Catherine Christer Hennix
  2. Meshkalina/ Meshkalina
    by Paco Zambrano y Su Combo / Traffic Sound
  3. 7 Rotations
    by DJ Preservation
  4. 45
    by SUPER-X
  5. Hit Record
    by Private Lives
  6. In Poor Taste
    by Grazia
  7. Or Not
    by JUG
  8. Wu Orleans Instrumentals
    by Tom Caruana Remix Projects
  9. Showbiz / Braids
    by Previous Industries
  10. Headcheese
    by Headcheese
  11. Demo 2020
    by Headcheese
  12. Psy Wi-Fi
    by Hacker
    Scammer Scammer
  13. Fisher – "Fisher"
    Give Me Lend Me Loan Me Let Me Have Give Me Lend Me Loan Me Let Me Have
  14. Love Fades
    by Amnesty
  15. Mister President
    by Amnesty
  16. Free Your Mind
    by Amnesty
  17. Zither Suite
    by Organic Pulse Ensemble
  18. Look At The Chart
    by Knowso
  19. The Cowboy Album
    by The Cowboy
    Sneaking Leaker Sneaking Leaker
  20. S/T
    by The Cowboy