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  1. Beneath The Turning Wheel
    by Holy Locust
  2. Harry's Seagull
    by Georgia Shackleton
  3. Death is Forever
    by The Dead Brothers
  4. A Seed Of Gold
    by The Rosie Hood Band
  5. The Greeners
    by The Greeners
  6. Portraits des miens
    by Sidonie Dubosc
  7. Happiness Is Letting Go - Album
    by The Greeners
    Set Me Free Set Me Free
    I think selling digital and print is a good idea. Vocal harmonies and strings like a mass of sense are wonderful.
  8. Sisters of White Chapel
    by Annie Bartholomew
  9. Closure
    by Maria Quinn
    A beautiful gift from Glasgow. Can't wait to get it.
  10. Juba Lee
    by Avram Fefer Quartet
  11. Carnival of the Ghosts
    by KOBO TOWN
  12. Carnival of the Ghosts
    by KOBO TOWN
  13. Stay Open
    by Clara Mann
    Go Steady Go Steady
    I love Clara Mann, whose charm is the translucent dimness.
  14. From heart to heart
    by Elayn
    I am free I am free
    great spiritual acoustic music!
  15. The Wanderer [ALBUM]
    by Emilie Lierre
  16. Hymne d'automne
    by Cécile Cappozzo Quintet
  17. Go Steady
    by Clara Mann
  18. The Whistling Thief
    by Alfi
  19. Wolves in the Woods
    by Alfi
    The Drink Song The Drink Song
    The ensemble of the instrumental songs is beautiful, and the sonorous male vocals are also good. He feels the history of settlement and immigration from Ireland to Appalachia.
  20. 雨の庭 / 忘れる幽霊 ( ame no niwa / wasureru yūrei )
    by 榎本夕食