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  1. Tuesday Comet
    by Disco Doom
  2. Pig
    by Otnig Monajet
  3. Partner
    by Otnig Monajet
    by SLOTH - Sound of the suburbs
  5. Yes or No
    by COIDO
  6. 奇妙な秋 Strange Autumn
    by Noda & Wolfers
  7. Hybrid Fruit
    by Olof Dreijer & Mount Sims
  8. The Third Planet From The Sun (West Side Mix)
    by Voyager 8 (Damon Wild & Steve Stoll)
  9. Wrong Ibiza (4x4 Mix)
    by Guber
  10. Golden Age of Carnage
    by Plague Pits
  11. Mitt stora nu
    by Treasury of Puppies
  12. Bang The Box
    by KETTAMA
  13. Space Drum Meditation - Land of Druk
    by Various
  14. Scheepsrecht
    by Sterac
  15. Längre än Långtån
    by skitungen
  16. Wat Doe Je Met Me?
    by Ton Lebbink
  17. Tangled Orchid
    by Yuta Matsumura
  18. Tascam Space Season
    by Noda & Wolfers
  19. Golden Age of Carnage
    by Plague Pits
  20. SW37 - Untitled A
    by Synewave