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  1. Momentum
    by Jar Of Kings
    Monoverse Monoverse
    The Groove is the King here!
  2. Friezes
    by Friezes
    Perfect driving under influence music, take my word for it. Im typing this from outta court, 10 out of 10.
  3. Ragnarök
    by Gallóglaigh
    Nothing revolutionary, but classic metal done well + a touch of folk instruments make it special.
  4. Saprophytic Divinations
    I’m a speed maniac but this release could reach me, like you know, the slower songs by Behemoth. no poser shit
  5. Brave Face
    by wicked lights
    Lovewillalwaystearusapart Lovewillalwaystearusapart
    Seriously this is Thai indie? Never expected something like this, it’s ridiculously great. earworming me from the very first listen.
  6. Divinity
    by Daniel Bohn
    If dungeon synth crawled out of it’s dungeon. And punched you In the face.
    by Arcem
    God I love those melancholic tunes. I think the tension that is built up with such well paced development is truly cathartic and euphoric. Arcem never rush and put their personal twist on established post metal tropes and deliver a truly liberating experience.
  8. The Cauldron Born
    by Galladorn
    A heavymetal powerhouse composed of two musicians from the both sides of the ocean, the duo produces quality tunes to bang ye head to!
  9. The Heroes (Inspired by the music of Paul Anthony Romero)
    by Evoking Winds
    The Obelisk (HoMM3 Necropolis) The Obelisk (HoMM3 Necropolis)
    Astrologists proclaim the week of symphonic black metal - amount of blastbeats and orchestration has doubled.
  10. El Peyote
    by El Peyote
    Cant believe his was recorded in England, because it totally sounds like a freaking desert carnival. Strong Don Juan vibes here
  11. ATHAK XI - Dihmin Ïszhe
    by Athak
    Mysterious European avante act set the prog bar really high with this one! love this haunting vibe. very uncomfortable but interesting feeling
  12. In the Night
    by Demonwarp
    Absolutely love it when the goth part of a true black metal worshipper finds an outlet in such a synthetic form.
  13. Hashishian
    by Hashishian
    epic title so epic are the riffs here! crank it up and trip out!
    this music is scary and fucking uncomfortable! very powerful
  15. Pain No More
    by Lunar Woods
    Pain No More Pain No More
    Got an unexpected Windhand vibe here, love the contrasting vocals and how musical the whole thing is.
  16. Remnants
    by Affection
    What an intense ride. I couldn’t stop but thinking of Phil Anselmo, Fear Factory, Alter Bridge sometimes. And a very cute accent of the singer adds to the charm too
    by Undesiccated
    For black metal there is Botanist, for industrial - Author&Punisher, and now we have Undesiccated for grindcore - Epiphytic is just jaw dropping. It manages to combine all the classic grindcore parts and innovative approach to mixing and adding “hooks” to the songs.
  18. No Man's Realm
    by Cruel Presence
    If the movie Demons was a band, it would be Cruel Presence. Visceral death metal madness with outstanding low pitched vocals.
  19. Purple Vol. 1: A Quest for Fire
    by Seth Hutchinson
    Surprised it's all done by one person - incredibly nice, scared the shit out of me with that noise track.
    by Sevaskar
    An unexpected combination of uptempo techno and a hearse with a surprise appearance of death metal vocals and heavy guitar riffs. Music to dance to and also to get buried to.