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  1. Would You?
    by Misery Loves Co
    Misery Loves Co. was one of those rare bands that didn't disappoint. Their first album was excellent to say the least, their next two albums were different, adding more textures to the band and equally excellent.

    I'm glad to say that seventeen years later things haven't changed. The wait was too long but the band hasn't disappointed. This is a really strong track. It really as if they never went back and I can't wait to hear more.
  2. ~​/​.​tsi/ (the hidden album)
    by The Silence Industry
    neonblack neonblack
  3. JP Lohian & Klonen klana
    by JP Lohian & Klonen Klana
    Alperrik da apaintzea Alperrik da apaintzea
    This is an excellent blend of dark punk rock with touches of psychedelia. It’s a dark album but at the same time quite melodic. JP Lohian has shown in the past that he is adept at experimenting with different sounds, from post-hardcore (Dut), to straight up punk rock (Kuraia); here he offers a more personal and introspective album that is a resounding success all created by himself (and his clones, I suppose)
  4. Lucidity EP
    by Nocturna
    Revelations Revelations
  5. Love of Cartography
    by sleepmakeswaves
    Perfect Detonator Perfect Detonator
  6. Oceania
    by Surveillance
    Belief Belief
    This is not a side project but a very solid modern EBM release with pounding beats and great melodies. The lyrics and themes are completely current and important. An excellent release and a must listen for all fans of Future Pop and EBM music.
  7. Permanent Crisis
    by The Silence Industry
    Permanent Crisis Permanent Crisis
  8. The Maw Of Sleep
    by The Silence Industry
    Insurgent Heart(s) Insurgent Heart(s)