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  1. MIDI
    by G-Man
    Mr. Nice Guy Mr. Nice Guy
    I was worried that it would be difficult to take this project seriously, but I have to say, this surpasses my expectations enormously. You've found your own voice, and it sounds a little like Gambino.
  2. Runaway Runaway
    by Mars Argo
    Runaway Runaway Runaway Runaway
    Straight bumpin'. It's poppy (as in pop music) but still intelligent and an all around good time.
  3. Summer Night Vibes EP
    by Mattsi
    Stargazing Stargazing
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. happy people ii
    by loners
    honey honey
  5. Vybz
    by Savant
    Indica Indica
    In all the electronic music nowadays, Savant really stands out. Vybz is no exception; it's a great mix of good vibes and some hard beats.