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  2. Electronic
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  1. Undulating attraction
    by 88b.
  2. яaш мvzak
    by мaиikeizт
  3. Disco Futurista - Various
    by мaиikeizт
  4. Every Single Thought
    by MTRLV
  5. Echoes from the Age of Doom - Various
    by мaиikeizт
  6. Body Electric
    by Steve Roach & Vir Unis
  7. Soul Enforcer LP
    by Dax J
  8. Salary Man Simulator
    by Mitch Murder
  9. Salary Man Simulator 3: Remote Business
    by Mitch Murder
  10. Salary Man Simulator 2: Corporate Retreat
    by Mitch Murder
  11. Lost In The Translation (Directions In Music)
    by Axiom Ambient
  12. Erratics & Unconformities
    by Craven Faults
  13. Enclosures
    by Craven Faults
  14. long enough // nerr4 DMG
    by eff
  15. BRIDGE, 不错
    by eff
  16. (笑) A NICE PLACE (笑)
    by eff
  17. 三 · Soul Chunk
    by effoharkay
    Effoharkay, also known as Eff, is my undisputed Find of the Year. Together with "long enough // nerr4 DMG", "BRIDGE" and "A NICE PLACE" that he self-published, those are some of the best compositions I've heard in a very long time. Economical, on-point, effortless and consistent - everything lasts as long as it should. Some tracks are so virtuosic, they feel like Weather Report. But they're not. They're Eff. Effoharkay. This is Synth Jazz and I am blown away.
  18. NITE NRG
    by Fractions
  19. A Journey
    by Kamokata
  20. Immediate Horizon
    by Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English