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  1. GEMS, 3
    by Celer
  2. You Only See the Way Up
    by Celer
    by Fractions
  4. Love Exposure
    by Celer
  5. Boundary Layer 2
    by Celer
  6. A Journey
    by Kamokata
  7. Immediate Horizon
    by Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English
  8. The Ether Variations
    by Fentanyl Embrace
  9. Midwinter Remix E.P. (Flatlife Records) (Acid Techno)
    by Jaimee
  10. Cosmic Light EP
    by Quentin Ravn
  11. Mython - Frontline EP [ FLASH Recordings ]
    by FLASH Recordings
  12. Anxiety
    by Autre Ne Veut
    Counting Counting
    I was at a loss for words to describe this six years ago, when first I heard it, and today I find I am pretty much mute still. That "Counting" has not conquered the Top 100's out there is of no surprise. That my fellow Bandcampers are not collectively drooling over its unbelievable composition and emotional insight while showering Autre Ne Veut with gold is a god damn disgrace.
  13. Blankness
    by Bluematter
    I've been hunting the so-called futuristic music all my life and to this day, nothing gives me that fix like dark jungle and its liquid-hydrogen-cooled hypersonic pessimism. Blankness is exactly as it should be - a rare animal these days, indeed. Five tracks, no more, no less; each one a perfect industrial diamond stolen from a q-die processor fab circa 2137 AD.
  14. Steal A Golden Hail
    by Quirke
    Spinhaunt Coil Spinhaunt Coil
  15. Future Predictions
    by Celer
  16. Arena Phantasy
    by m a g g i e . w a v
  17. Syon4 - La Déploration de Johannes Ockeghem [Dylan Henner edit]
    by Josquin des Prez
  18. Альянс 87 - На заре (remastering 2019) CD1
    by Альянс
    The 80's were really a special time for music everywhere. This absolutely gorgeous album has more creativity, skill and heart than most of today's pop-pulp combined. Breathtaking vocals, mouthwatering bass lines and those melodies, man. The melodies! There's so much going on here. A landmark, nothing else - should be hailed as such far and wide. One of the absolute best albums of the 80's of any kind (sans the "millenium version" of the title track, which is completely unnecessary).
  19. Wulfband
    by Wulfband
    Finally, the angry Swedes arrive on Bandcamp. This is one of the best albums I've ever heard - of ANY KIND OF MUSIC. There's not one surplus or missing beat on this, everything's got its place and lasts exactly as long as it should. A stimpack of crazy headbangin' fun, Wulfband by Wulfband swallows all modern EBM whole and establishes itself as the new alpha male. And rightfully so.
  20. The Centipede
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