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  1. Somaesthesia
    by Edictum
  2. Tales from a Future Past
    by Damokles
  3. Avalon Quest
    by Isidor
  4. DNA War feat Billy Mays Band
    by Absolute Valentine
  5. Gone
    by Sierra
  6. Introspection
    by Billy Mays Band
  7. A Retrowave Compilation
  8. Lord of Synth
    by Isidor
  9. Nightstar: Alliance (Original Soundtrack)
    by Straplocked
  10. Lawless
    by Lyde
  11. Ministry of Synth
    by Damokles
    "Rocket Priest" "Rocket Priest"
    My brother from another mother did it again! Show us the ways of shred, master Ultraboss
  13. 3218
    by Isidor
  14. Nemesis
    by Shredder 1984
  15. Kardasynth
    by Caspro
    Somnusphere Somnusphere
    One of the best albums of 2018!
  16. Apocalypse (LP)
    by We Are Magonia
    From Outer Space, WIth Love From Outer Space, WIth Love
    Absolutely amazing album!!! 10/10
  17. Ripper EP
    by Night Raptor
  18. Nightwolf: Survive The Megadome
    by NIGHTRUN87
  19. The Destroyers Are Coming
    by NIGHTRUN87
  20. Wolf
    by Lyde
    The Hunt The Hunt
    I'm so happy when i find some new talents making music out of love. This album is made buy an amazing artist and it was the only EP from 2018 that i listened from beginning to the end. This is the future of Synthwave! It will also go to my recommended album page on my artist Bandcamp profile!
  21. Doomtown
    by Big Game Hunter
  22. Stalemate
    by Straplocked & Ray Gun Hero
    Killer Instinct (Instrumental Mix) Killer Instinct (Instrumental Mix)
    What a great album!
  23. Afterdark Machine
    by Darknaut
  24. Vantablack Hearts
    by KENSHIRO+
  25. Passage Back
    by Edictum
  26. A Synthwave Compilation
    Speedracer (Feat Quixotic) Speedracer (Feat Quixotic)
    Probably the best synthwave compilation of 2018. I am privileged to be in the company of so many amazing artists!
  27. This Means War
    by Volkor X
    This Means War (feat. Sylvain Coudret) This Means War (feat. Sylvain Coudret)
    The best Darkwave album of 2016!!!
    Pure awesomeness!
  28. Police Heartbreaker
    by Absolute Valentine
    Bad News Bad News
    Pure Synthwave!
  29. Camaro Cruise
    by KEYTAR Records
    Sellorekt/LA Dreams – FlashBack Sellorekt/LA Dreams – FlashBack
    So happy to be apart of this great compilation. :)
  30. Head Reset
    by Caspro
  31. Carbon Inc
    by Carbon Killer
  32. Rage of Streets
    by Crusader
  33. The Majesty of Our Broken Past
    by Color Theory
  34. Apoptosis
    by Bonggita
  35. Misfit EP
    by Lag
    Sama Doma Sama Doma
  36. IVY
    by Azriel
  37. Phonic Grafts
    by Soiled / Marcus H
  38. Totius - Terra Illuminata
    by Isidor Bobinec
  39. Pineapple
    by Springster
  40. Emotions
    by ALEX