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  1. Just Like The Moon
    by Mark Van Hoen
  2. Long Songs For Short-Term Friends
    by Dirtnap
  3. I Won't Hurt You
    by Brad Laner
  4. Solo! Electric (vol. 1)
    by Steve Wynn
  5. Relative Spirit
    by Gary Floyd & Doug Hilsinger
    Listen Close Listen Close
    Gary and Doug have recorded something very special here. This is the first album of what Floyd calls "spiritual Music". Steeped in prominent themes of Eastern philosophies, all of these songs carry with them a sense of place. A reflection of faith, made in the most honest way. The spiritual percussion that opens the record ("Hail Godess") reminds us to over all, be thankful. This album has been so helpful to me during the covid-19 outbreak and "lockdown" that followed. A thing of true beauty.
  6. Part Time Punks Session
    by Torche
    What Was - Part Time Punks Session What Was - Part Time Punks Session
    Simply put, a great session. Torche was one of the last bands I saw live just before COVID and the subsequent lockdown and freeze on live music in the US. This EP captures some of what I heard that night in OKC. Heavy rock and roll with heart.. A perfect, raw accompaniment to last years terrific "Admission" LP. Add this to your collection and help support the well as rock the house.
  7. in my imagination
    by shinji
  8. Water Weird
    by Wet Tuna
  9. What You've Heard Isn't Real
    by Porcupine
  10. Solstitium Fulminate
    by SUNN O)))
    by BLK TAG
  12. Locrian & Christoph Heemann
    by Locrian & Christoph Heemann
  13. Fetish Bones
    by Moor Mother
    Deadbeat Protest Deadbeat Protest
    This record is the most arresting, caustic and straight up lyrically poetic and beautiful. Experimental? Hip-Hop?, Noise?, Political punk? No genre has yet to be developed for this record.. One of the best I've heard all year. Politically charged poetry like “Deadbeat Protest” serves up the best protest and resistance commentary for the times, making it my favorite cut. Just incredible.
  14. Strawberry
    by Wussy
    Mountain of Tires Mountain of Tires
    Every album this band has released has never failed to make me incredibly happy. Chuck and Lisa write songs that just hit home unlike any other band. I bought Strawberry the day it came out and still get a charge every time I hear the theremin intro to "Asteroid", the dark funk of Chicken gives me chills and "Grand Champion Steer" tugs at my black little heartstrings.. Most recently, their album Attica (2014) has found a permanent home in my car, home and yes, my iPhone..
  15. Never Again (a compendium)
    by moth wranglers
    Miss Fire Miss Fire
    Because I'm heartbroken and nothing, I mean NOTHING helps me through a rough patch like this damn thing. Love you two fellows and I know you may never make another record. I'm holding out..