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  1. Maenadic Ecstasy
    by Pharmakeia
  2. To Infect | To Inflict
    by Voidsphere
  3. Magna Lua Ordem Mística
    by Angrenost
    It is NoEvDia, so could there ever have been any doubt?
  4. Ardor For Black Mastery
    by Auriferous Flame
    Ardor for Black Mastery Ardor for Black Mastery
    The less atmospheric and more riff-forward manifestation of Ayloss’ better-known Spectral Lore, Auriferous Flame is finding its voice on its second full-length album. This is also a lot more focused than recent Spectral Lore albums and leads me to believe that, for whatever reason, Ardor For Black Mastery (along with the last Mystras album) occupied most of Ayloss’ creative faculties. No matter the actual situation, it is hard to find any fault with this work. Ayloss strikes again! Thanks, MJ!
  5. KARLOFF / ULTHA split
    by Ultha / Karloff
    ULTHA "Unholy Passion" ULTHA "Unholy Passion"
    I need not add any further description than what David has masterfully said below, but I will say that as far as mini-splits go, few are as appropriately on point for Halloween - I mean, Samhain - as this one! Being a massive Ultha fan, I naturally preferred their track, but Karloff surprised me in the most pleasant way. This release is more on the fun than sinister side of things, and that is fine given that there is already so much “evil” Halloween metal out there. Thanks for the gift, David!
    by Pénitence Onirique
    Pharmakos Pharmakos
    I find it almost impossible that this is the same band that released Vestige in 2019, as Nature Morte is as far beyond that release in every respect as, for instance, Schizophrenia was over Morbid Visions. Every song here is fully-realised melodic black metal, with a grand cinematic scope but none of the excess that often plagues French BM of this style. Elegant when it needs to be and aggressive almost always, the understated complexity of the album is what speaks loudest. Félicitations!
  7. Through The Spheres of Darkness
    by Marthyrium
    From the Ashes of a Withering World From the Ashes of a Withering World
    This has to be the best September/October period for death and black metal that I can remember. I thought that I had a stable AOTY list shaping up in September but much has since been called into question. Marthyrium have unleashed a BM album that truly feels dark and casts an ominous shadow well beyond its duration. “Occult” BM is frequently tossed around as an adjective but seldom has it ever been as correct a label. This is the spiritual successor to VI’s De Praestigiis Angelorum.
  8. She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She
    I suppose that a “beneficial” outcome of a near-death experience and being diagnosed with a major medical condition is that it really brings your priorities into focus. I cannot afford to listen to an album three to five times before posting a Bandcamp review. Twice maximum with once being more likely going forward will be the norm. That being said, I can already tell from the two available tracks that Chelsea is bringing her A-game (yet again) and I very much look forward to the rest.
  9. Messiah
    by Gravenchalice
    Messiah will do nothing to definitively answer the lingering question of whether Gravenchalice are or are not a “Christian” black metal band (an ambiguous space which I think they deliberately toy with), but it does push the boundaries of the band’s established sonic parameters. The immediacy of Samael is not to be found here; delights will be revealed only to the patient, perhaps akin to the faithful seeking paradise after this mortal life ends.
  10. Therizo
    by Taubra
    Therizo Therizo
    When you have a new black metal project with two of Aara’s three members involved, the result can only be spectacular, and so it is with Taubra’s debut. Containing all of Aara’s compositional brilliance but with more robust production, emphasis on aggression over soaring melodies, and more “acceptable” vocals, Therizo is just about peerless in the non-avant-garde BM space this year. It has been a while since an album has flowed like this within and between songs - it stirs the soul!
  11. Wallachian Mystics
    by Septiroth
    Tear Me Limb By Limb Tear Me Limb By Limb
    What it lacks in subtlety, it more than makes up for with its incredible workmanlike approach to riff-forward black metal. And unlike most one-man BM bands, including some of the most popular ones that either lean too heavily on atmosphere or suffer from identity crises between and even within albums (we all know to whom I am referring), Wallachian Mystics is a focused statement of venom in aural form. Quite good and his future is promising, but if this is bedroom BM then I am Santa Claus!
  12. Interregnum: O próbie wiary i jarzmie zwątpienia
    by Mānbryne
    Pierwszy kamień Pierwszy kamień
    After a somewhat disappointing (by their own high standards) release in The Harrowing of Hearts, I wondered if Blaze of Perdition would ever rebound. Well, with Mānbryne effectively being a proxy project for three quarters of BoP’s members, I can wholeheartedly say that they are still full of incredible ideas, driven by intense passion, and blessed with immense musicianship. Interregnum is about as good as BoP’s two peak albums, and is simply remarkable black metal. Essential listening!
  13. Huta Luna
    by FURIA
    Swawola niewola Swawola niewola
    I do not recall an autumnal period with as much excellent extreme metal as has so far been released in 2023, and Huta Luna is likely the most utterly energetic and authoritative of the bunch. This is Furia’s best release in a very long time, and possibly ever. This is different from the Polish BM you have come to expect, being somewhat more direct and, despite the generally nihilistic themes, still sounding quite upbeat. Consider this your darkened shot of adrenaline on days when all else fails.
  14. The Seven Seals Of Saligia
    Descedant Mankind Descedant Mankind
    The Negative Bias will certainly be taking home the "Most Improved BM Artist" award for 2023 because the difference in quality from Narcissus Rising to The Seven Seals is absolutely astounding. If you ever wanted to hear a more melancholic and aggressive version of Der Weg einer Freiheit, look no further. Picking a favourite track here is extremely difficult as each is a self-contained sonic excursion. Masterful from top to bottom and front to back, this is occult BM of the highest order.
  15. Blackbraid I
    by Blackbraid
    Sacandaga Sacandaga
    Last night I drove 400+ kilometres round trip, on a weeknight and having to go to work today, to see Blackbraid on tour (with WITTR and Gaerea). I now know how to describe these demons from the Adirondacks. In the past I referred to them as intense, aggressive, passionate, and so forth, but last night I witnessed the truth: they play with an utterly feral beauty in the best possible way and we are blessed to have them. They blew the fucking doors off the venue, and no one will forget it.
    by Misanthropæ
    Depleted Depleted
    Another hit from TDW! While I generally appreciate longer albums (all things being equal), Misanthropae’s latest takes mercy on us thanks to its brevity, as anything longer would have seared the skin off of our faces. Yes, this is as abrasive as the best grind out there but also exudes enough black metal darkness to keep things interesting and, I dare say, almost mysterious. The dissonance on display calls to mind the great works of France’s Standalone Complex, and I await what comes next!
  17. Dissimulant
    by Ruin Lust
    Purge Purge
    Have you encountered great war metal (that combination of bestial and abrasive death and black metal) so far in 2023? No? That is quite okay because the drought is over now that Ruin Lust has finally cracked the code on their fourth full-length album and realised the full potential hinted at on their previous work! 31 minutes of ostentatious barbarism that deliver bone-crushing impact with subtle technical proficiency and WAY more dynamics than war metal is known for, Dissimulant is a statement.
  18. Pestmo'qon
    by Ushangvagush
    While Blackbraid (whom I get to see live in a few days) understandably gets the lion's share of attention in the Indigenous black metal space, I am increasingly feeling that Ushangvagush is the more interesting and profound player in this scene. Pestmo'qon is a work of shocking intensity and immense emotional depth, though I grant that it might not be fully evident upon the first listen. Thank you to Sanctuary for this gift, which I will listen to a great deal in the coming weeks!
  19. Psychotic Reality
    by Rat King
    Labyrinth Labyrinth
    Death-grind continues its recent hot streak and adding more fuel to that fire is Rat King’s Psychotic Reality, which moves further away from the band’s early sludge leanings without entirely forgetting them. The result, as was seen on Vicious Inhumanity but heightened here to another level, is metal that is as dense as a depleted uranium shell but as sharp and angular as the most cutting circular saw. These gents also still perform with “debut album” enthusiasm, which is remarkable. Bravo!
  20. The Enduring Spirit
    by Tomb Mold
    There is not a whole lot to be said about the level of quality of The Enduring Spirit: it is among the best death metal albums of 2023, at once terrifyingly muscular and shockingly lithe, and is as dynamic as anything out there that remotely competes in the same territory. But as for Tomb Mold as a band, the level of growth between releases is nothing short of astonishing! I do prefer Planetary Clairvoyance a bit more, but it is clear that the band has matured in every way, and this is great.