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  1. Desolate
    by Ophidian I
  2. The Exalted Chambers of Abhorrence
    by Intestinal Hex
    Parasitic Hallucinosis Parasitic Hallucinosis
    I usually detest brutal death metal and find that a lot of the “cavernous” death metal bands out there at the moment hide their lack of creativity under the murk, so imagine my delight when I discovered a brutal and cavernous death metal band that is to its peers what Blade is to vampires: possessing all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses, this is some excellent work! And this is just the debut effort! Put Intestinal Hex on your radar, people - this guy is not fucking around.
    Hymn Of Death Hymn Of Death
    This is probably the best death metal album that I’ve heard out of East Asia, and one of the better old-school death metal revivalist albums of recent years, period. While the death metal is all on point here, Exhumation throw in a few unexpected surprises later in the album, showing that the band is not the one-trick pony that you might initially suspect. In any event, if you want evil, aggressive, unpretentious, energetic, and riff-forward death metal, you will be pleased by Opus Death!
  4. Empoisonné
    by Sorcières
    So some people think that this sounds like Finntroll, eh? I would advise these people to get their hearing checked. This is blackened folk metal in the mid-tempo range, full of elegance and subtlety that nonetheless manages to bring forth great power in each song. The melodies - courtesy of electric and acoustic guitars, and tasteful violin - are in no rush to seduce you, but seduce you they will with their delicate blend of melancholy and hope. Quality French black metal strikes again!
  5. Forked Tongues
    by Craven Idol
    Deify the Stormgod Deify the Stormgod
    My 2021 AOTY list has once again been rearranged - yes, Forked Tongues is that good. This is pantheon-level thrash/black metal (and NOT blackened thrash) that hits so hard, fast, and memorably so as to make most other extreme metal albums look uninspired by comparison. A lot of metal albums impressed me this year, but very few made me say, on a rest day, “Fuck my soreness, I am squatting heavy today!” You will have to listen to this for yourself but you will be sucked in, no doubt about it.
  6. Kuolleestasyntynyt
    by Korgonthurus
    Syyttäjäenkeli Syyttäjäenkeli
    This is in line with the modern Finnish black metal that you know and love, but with a far stronger sense of dynamics than most of their contemporaries. I love my black metal blazing fast more often than not, but I appreciate when a band slows it down to provide a necessary respite from the whirlwind or to build tension before exploding once again. Korgonthurus knows exactly how to do this, and as a bonus, the tremolo riffing here is totally on point. One of 2020’s most-overlooked albums!
  7. Astral Necrosis
    by Devoid Of Thought
    Sidereal Breath Sidereal Breath
    These tough guys from northern Italy are not playing games with their brand of death metal, which is aggressive and heavy, packed with powerful riffs, and technical yet never ostentatious, all while moving adeptly at both medium and high tempos. Though Astral Necrosis’ influences are obvious, Devoid of Thought comes across as one of the fresher death metal demos that I’ve heard in the past five years. Also, this drummer’s cymbal work is outstanding! Show these gents some love!
  8. Broken Speech
    by Owl Cave
    There is no easy way to describe this stunning debut by Owl Cave, but yes, experimental ambient black metal works as well as any other tag. What really matters is that you support this brilliant artist post-haste, and advise your associates (esteemed or otherwise) to do the same. Do you like album-length songs that move gracefully from martial ambient sections to devastating black metal assaults, in effect serving as a monolith so grand so as to obscure the sun? If so, do the right thing.
  9. Zos Ethos
    by SOL KIA
  10. Defacement
    Proud to be the first to buy this one, given that Deviant was one of 2019’s finest blackened death metal albums, and by all indicators, Defacement is looking strong in what appears to be its quest to put all similar bands on notice. Moving in a more dissonant, unsettling, and technical direction, this is the album that Abyssal wishes it had most recently released. Fighting words? Perhaps, but the level of songwriting growth displayed on this effort is astounding. Bravo, gentlemen!
  11. Symphony Mysterium
    by Nothing Is Real
    Symphony Mysterium is an album that I neither can nor want to listen to frequently, but the double-whammy of the compositional audacity here combined with my being a sucker for most things dissonant and avant-garde left me with no choice but to purchase this and to encourage everyone else to do the same. This is, at its core, modern classical music expressed through a sludge / doom prism, and while I cannot say where it will end up on my AOTY list, I can say that I will never forget it.
  12. Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless
    by Atvm
    Squeal In Torment Squeal In Torment
    Calling this “progressive death metal” is like calling water “wet” in that both are accurate but hardly helpful in understanding what is at play. Atvm have created something very special here, a masterful, thrash-infused death metal extravaganza that is full of challenging yet accessible riffs that dazzle from start to finish. Atvm remind me of Anicon and Vektor in how these bands, in their respective sub-genres, push technical limits while remaining creative and engaging. Good stuff!
  13. Abhorrent Rapture
    by Witch Vomit
    Purulent Burial Mound Purulent Burial Mound
    Though somewhat of an oversimplification, Abhorrent Rapture takes the very best of Bolt Thrower and Incantation and ups the tempo by about 50 percent, all the while perfectly balancing a grimy death metal sound with thick, robust production value. Do you like riffs? Do you like menacing atmosphere? Do you like unapologetic aggression? Given that your only answers here can be “yes”, you will most certainly appreciate Witch Vomit’s sub-20 minute offering of death metal goodness!
  14. The Doorway
    by Vessel of Iniquity
    It is August 2021. Humanity hath survived its most recent and contagious viral outbreak to date. But as mankind hath sown, so shall it inevitably reap, for all things move towards their end. Let it therefore be known to all capable of understanding: the sound accompanying the apocalypse will be The Doorway, the ultimate aural manifestation of contempt for our species, and a statement among statements in the form of industrial black metal. Vessel of Iniquity is your guide to the end times.
  15. The Greater Evil
    by ColdCell
    Those Those
    I was directed to The Greater Evil by a generally-reputable associate who told me that ColdCell sounded like (the real) Batushka, and while that comparison was totally wrong, I nonetheless fell in love upon realising the massive similarities between this album and Gaerea’s Unsettling Whispers. This is not your bedroom-variety depressive black metal. No, this is highly-polished and energetic atmospheric black metal with profound lyrics and stunning production value worthy of your respect!
  16. ‘Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon’
    by Blood of Kingu
    He Who is Not To Be Named He Who is Not To Be Named
    For when Drudkh is too atmospheric, Hate Forest is too monolithic, and Precambrian is too pummelling, Roman has you covered with Blood of Kingu’s best album, a tour de force of muscular tremolo riffing and blast beats with a nonetheless high degree of melodic subtlety under the near-constant assault. This also features Roman’s most guttural and menacing vocal performance. Final thought: since Roman resurrected Hate Forest, maybe he will do the same with Blood of Kingu? Fingers crossed…
  17. La Morsure du Christ
    by Seth
    Ex-Cathédrale Ex-Cathédrale
    When I initially listened to this album upon release, I wrote it off as merely average in what was clearly a bout of temporary insanity. Now that my faculties and hearing are evidently restored, I declare La Morsure du Christ one of the best melodic black metal albums of the year! Every aspect of this work - lyrics, artwork, composition and arrangement, and non-ostentatious technicality - exude absolute professionalism and passion. France strikes once again!
  18. Raytraces of Death
    by Perilaxe Occlusion
    Geometric Dismemberment Geometric Dismemberment
    Cavernous death metal in the style of Grave Miasma, Disma, and their ilk can be hard to pull off, but Perilaxe Occlusion have done way more than just that with their second demo. This contains more riffs, displays more songwriting maturity and mastery of dynamics, and features more robust production values than full-length albums from far more seasoned bands. There is also the world-shattering heaviness to consider: make no mistake, this is the heaviest demo that you will hear this year!
  19. Tectonics
    by Precambrian
    Cryogenian Cryogenian
    Arguably better than the already-phenomenal (and similar) Hour of the Centaur by Hate Forest, Precambrian’s Tectonics (another Saenko project) is one of the most well-executed and single-minded black metal albums of 2020. The ferocity, speed, and power, combined with the impenetrable wall of noise and tight songwriting, make for a devastating sonic artillery barrage. Simultaneously rewarding for those seeking immediate gratification as well as deeper nuance over time, this is essential.
  20. Debemur Morti
    by White Ward
    There is the Imperial Triumphant way of integrating avant-garde black metal and jazz, which is brilliant but dissonant and terrifying, and then there is the White Ward way of integrating the same genres, which is equally brilliant but beautiful and ethereal. I greatly admire both bands, but must admit that I can listen to White Ward far more often. White Ward is moving from strength to strength, and while Debemur Morti is great, I absolutely cannot wait for their next full-length!