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  1. Out Of Step
    by Minor Threat
  2. First Two 7"s
    by Minor Threat
    Minor Threat Minor Threat
  3. Salad Days
    by Minor Threat
  4. Rétro Découverte
    by Cartridge 1987
    Top Gear Top Gear
  5. The Video Craze
    by Lazerhawk
  6. Galactic Melt (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by Com Truise
  7. Into The Abstract
    by Droid Bishop
    Automation Automation
  8. Passage
    by Cartridge 1987
    Contact Contact
  9. Gaiden
    by Vestron Vulture
    Alkaline Alkaline
  10. Glass Prism
    by Windows96
  11. Futurescape
    by Mega Drive
    Futurescape Futurescape
  12. Redline
    by Lazerhawk
    Space Trash Space Trash
  13. Dice Game
    by Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson
    Duckin' Strays (Bonus Track) Duckin' Strays (Bonus Track)
  14. Thirty Eight
    by Apollo Brown
    Life Is A Wheel Life Is A Wheel
  15. Clouds
    by Apollo Brown
    Heirloom Heirloom
  16. Velocity
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
  17. 88:88
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
    A Glowing Light, A Promise A Glowing Light, A Promise
  18. Awakening
    by Robert Parker
    DiscoDeath DiscoDeath
  19. Vivid Colors
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
  20. Dream Digital
    by Nowtro
    Late Nights Late Nights