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  1. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
  2. ... Of Long Forgotten Times
    by Nebran
  3. Pressure EP
    by NYVES
    by Wormwitch
  5. Vibe of Scorn (Album)
    by Ice Ages
    Filthy Cloud Filthy Cloud
    Cannot describe in words the desperation, passion, utter rage and hope Lederer's works make me feel all at once in every single release. Master crafted electronic yet symphonic and epic punches down to your heart.
  6. Buried Silence (Album)
    by Ice Ages
  7. The Burning Dawn
    by Cloak
  8. The Rock of the Clyde
    by Ruadh
  9. Sovereign
    by Ruadh
  10. Vol. 6
    by Seer
  11. Rukkanor - Despartica Face One
    by Rukkanor
  12. Spectral Voice From Newborn Star
    by The Lost Sun
  13. Through The Spatial Dimensions
    by Through The Spatial Dimensions
  14. 4 5 6
    by Déhà
  15. In the Wake of the Night
    by Sickle of Dust
  16. Nullify (Album)
    by Ice Ages
    Forsaken Forsaken
    Mr. Lederer, Protector. I've been behind your works sincr early 90's with Summoning, DKVE and so on. Soon I became deep avid of more Ice Ages material since I got in love with "The Fiend". Nullify is trully a master piece, not to be missed under any circumstances, it simply strikes to your heart with its delicate and fierce as well, hammers, melodies, fists and melancholic tunes. A dark passage, and some times even Hope itself may come from one the multiple facets of this precious Dark Crystal.
  17. Servants of the Cold Night
    by Andeis
  18. Westward
    by Stronghold Guardian
  19. Galahad's Quest (EP)
    by Grailknight
  20. Deus Vult
    by Dawnbreaker