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  1. Lifetime
    by Aedificium
    Lifetime is purely magical journey to take onboard and here it comes in the form of 1 track over a time of some 12 and half minutes. Cam is a guy who very much does the style of music I most love, which is Progressive, what I love about its style is the fact that is goes down many roads and as many twists along its path, just like life itself in reality, and this is a very creative piece of work, that uses wonderful instrumentation and environmental sounds. Highly recommended for everyone.
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  2. Preliminaries
    by Artyfiction
    Appreciate Appreciate
    A really great debut album by Artyfiction. Preliminaries truly shows this bands great diversity and ability to come up with the goods with their writing and playing skills. They certainly have what it takes and the interaction between the whole band works superbly. The album contains well crafted instrumental pieces and well carved out songs. It certainly ROCKS my boat and I highly recommend it.
  3. So Colourful
    by Ashley Best
    Magpie Magpie
    So Colourful is the début album of a super musician of many instruments none other than Ashley Best. It kicks off with one hell of a classic song entitled "Magpie" and continues with a bundle of fine well written and finely produced pop songs. This really is a fabulous album, and played by an array of fine musicians and real instrumentation. Ashley has a great voice and plays an array of instruments throughout its fine path. Super stuff and I highly recommend it for your album collection.
  4. Dark Horses
    by Blacktop Deluxe
    Money in my pocket Money in my pocket
    Well if you've got any money in your pocket I seriously suggest you go and spend it on this truly fantastic EP of 3 classic rock songs done by 3 superb muso's who go by the name of Blacktop Deluxe. Deluxe is certainly what you get here for the money as it comes with a superb production, and I highly recommend it 100% to blast your ears out with. This ROCKS and will quite simply "Rock Your Socks Off" all day and night.
  5. Robert Johnsons Door
    by Blue on Black
    Man Down Man Down
    Robert Johnson's Door is an album that contains 13 well woven crafted songs over a playing time of 58 and half minutes that will simply blow your mind. This is the work of Keith Howe's former 3 piece outfit line up and band Blue on Black. If Rhythm & Blues is your music and you like to ROCK. Then this really is a rarity to come across and it will certainly do the job for you 100%. Highly recommended to blast your ears with. Songs that inspire never grow old. This ROCKS in high quality. Get it.
  6. Time On My Own
    by Broker Jonathan
    Paper And Pen Paper And Pen
    One quality album bursting with beauties in the song writing department this one from Broker Jonathan. Time On My Own is and excellent fine body of work over all 12 of its tracks that make it up and not one will fail to disappoint over its playing time of just under 54 minutes and is most enjoyable in every way. Superb instrumentation and vocals throughout its entity and it also comes with a superb quality production. Worth it's weight in Gold and will stand proudly in any record collection...
  7. Den Of Thieves (Remixed & Remastered)
    by Carnival Of Thieves
    Last Train To Hell Last Train To Hell
    A really great 6 piece rocking band with quite a soulful singer known as Orb Mirfin who perhaps makes Carnival Of Thieves stand out from the rest of the crowd. Den Of Thieves is a double albums worth of material counting all the bonus tracks that come with it. Most of it's great material is written and Co written by the bands keyboard player Andi Stevenson and there are some great classic rock songs along the path of this super album. Comes with a super production and ticks all boxes. Get it...
  8. Bamboo
    by Andy Carter
    Dear John Dear John
    Bamboo by Andy Carter is a wonderful album filled with melancholy tracks with much more delightful instrumentation than just Andy's Shakuhachi Flute. Andy is one fine musician and knows just how to craft out fine music. Bamboo as some fine tracks along its path, some of which have a 70's Pink Floyd feel to them, with tracks like “Solitude” and “Enter The Blue” and a great classic track "Dear John" amongst many more. For a début album I highly recommend it for your ears.
  9. Whisper & Holler (album)
    by Steph Casey
    Heavy Warm Heart Heavy Warm Heart
    Whisper & Holler is one sure hot debut album from one damn fine song writer and talented musician and lady, none other than Steph Casey. It comes with a class production 13 songs that will grace anyone' s ears and album collection. The album contains many classics over the 50 mins here and is a solid body of work in every way. It took the likes of Bryan Adams 3 albums before he ever achieved an album of this high status in song writing. Steph has done it in 1. 100% Pure Gold. Get it.
  10. The Seats In My Car
    by Steph Casey
    The Tale of Hannah Mae The Tale of Hannah Mae
    A truly GREAT! album that contains 7 QUALITY! songs. There is no mistaking her distinctive style she can be GRITTY! INDIE, FOLKY!, COUNTRY!, ROCKY! But most of all Steph Casey is herself and a fine artist in her own rights, and one who needs to be HEARD! Check out the full review
  11. Tales of Auld Reekie
    by Dancing with Ghosts
    Messrs Burke & Hare Messrs Burke & Hare
    A super very fascinating album with a concept based around the 17th century and upwards of Edinburgh's haunting history. Tales of Auld Reekie captures not only the darker gruelling criminal side of the city but also its sadder and joyful moments in the way it very well presents itself. It's a brilliant piece of work that captures the spirit of Edinburgh with its many very fascinating stories and the 3rd album by Dancing Ghosts is very much a winner.
  12. Marathon
    by Dunlooser
    Istes Istes
    A very well crafted instrumental album that has been structured with the use of fine melodies that have a slight touch of Mike Oldfield and Gordon Giltrap feel about them, and was inspired by a book written by Christian Cameron entitled Killer Of Men. The album Marathon reflects a lot of this fine man's skills and talents, and is a masterful piece of work and a very enjoyable album well worthy of adding to you record collection. Comes highly recommended...
  13. The Origins Of Gnome.....
    by GnomeAttic
    THey PlaY In The SaNd THey PlaY In The SaNd
    The Origins Of Gnome is a damn fine album. Nick not only makes fantastic music, but also is a great radio DJ on RedRuth Radio in Cornwall. There are many classics amongst this fine body of work on this super electronic album. If your like myself into electronic prog music such as Ozric Tentacles then this will be right up your street. Its also worth noting this album is a 9 track album, and should you purchase it, I suggest you ask him for "Let Sleeping Gnomes Sleep" Honestly they made me do it.
  14. Back to roots
    by Fernando Gonzalo
    A fine collection of 10 well written songs from one man and his guitar make up this rather short album but brings one much pleasure to listen to. The album itself contains many of his more known songs, 6 of which were originally featured on his previous album The Last Searchers. Only here they are done as a solo performance instead of a duo, and it really brings out more of the raw bones of his fine songs.He really is going back to his roots.with this one and it's worthy of going back with him.
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  15. Rebirth
    by Anthony Greentree
    Anne of Cleves Anne of Cleves
    Anthony's début album Rebirth is very much like the colour of the cover Gold, and it is indeed one class Golden album that's 100% right up my street. Absolute class song writing can be found along the body of this fine work of art. This takes me back to the days when artists such as The Moody Blues and Jethro Tull made class albums and songs. Anthony is heavily influenced by such great artists and as mastered the art of writing such classics. One damn fine musician and album I highly recommend.
  16. The Rain On Vatnajökull
    by Halo
    Grímsvötn Grímsvötn
    This 4 track EP is tremendous value for money for the work that has been put into it by Pasquale Riviezzo. He really is a unique creative artist who’s mind works precisely in describing this concept based around Vatnajökull’s National Park. Personally I feel the title track “The Rain On Vatnajökull” perhaps a little weaker in structure than the other 3 pieces here to which are more solid pieces of work and wonderfully done. Cracking electronica and well recommended.
  17. Haneda/Cleyra
    by Halo
    Haneda Haneda
    The two pieces on this fine single release by Pasquale are both excellent pieces of electronic ambient music based on two different destinations or places. “Haneda” is the longest track and is a wonderful piece of music that is inspired by Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in Japan. Pasquale captures the environment wonderfully here, and uses environmental sounds apt to the piece along with wonderful ambient sounds and lush keyboard patches with bell synths pads and a sequencer. Highly recommended here.
  18. Spring in Greyscale
    by Halo
    Spring in Greyscale Spring in Greyscale
    The two tracks on this single release are very much like the material that appeared on his forthcoming album Late Winter Tales, in that they are very much ambient piano pieces bathed with rich ambient sounds in the processing department. Both tracks here are totally gorgeous and have very moving piano melodies running through them. Why Pasquale decided to leave both of these tracks off his upcoming début album is beyond me. Pricey 2 short tracks but well worthy of every penny.
  19. Scenes from the four seasons
    by Halo
    Sea and Sand Sea and Sand
    Well this is delightful treat and another sheer beauty of an album by Pasquale. Considering this is an album of what he calls B Sides and unreleased material from 2012 I have to say I sincerely think this album right now is better than his album Late Winter Tales which he released in the same year. More outstanding ambient piano melodies that have been bathed in superb environmental ambient sounds. Another fine work of art that purely is golden and I highly recommend for your ears.
  20. Heartscore
    by heartscore
    An opium fantasy An opium fantasy
    The new Heartscore might be the best way to describe Dirk Radloff's latest work and he's made with his latest album that consists of 10 very well crafted tracks over a playing distance of 57 minutes. New in the way that Dirk actually hires a singer to take on the main vocals. Though Dirk's harmonies are still very reminiscent as with his previous material, and along with the music he so skilfully crafts he as once again produced another superb album well worthy of adding to ones collection.
  21. Black Riders Part I
    by heartscore
    Gods Gods
    Well no doubt Judas Priest had their "Metal Gods" and Queen had their "Lap Of The Gods" but through Stephen Crane's inspirational words, I suppose you could say that HeartScore now has it's "Wrath Of The Gods". Metal meets King Crimson and Other Lines maybe the best way to describe the new direction of HeartScore's music and no doubt Dirk Radloff has unleashed the "BEAST" and it ROCKS HARD...
  22. Black Riders Part II
    by heartscore
    There was a man and a woman There was a man and a woman
    The latest Heartscore album is certainly more of a step in the right direction regarding Radloff's decision to bring in Giacomo Rossi to take over the vocal duties. No doubt Rossi has the power and the range in his voice to fit the music and deliver the goods. You can find out more in my full review of the album here:
  23. Outlander
    by Indigolab
    The Outlander The Outlander
    Outlander is one damn fine album by Indigolab a.k.a Tom Moore. The album comes with 10 solid tracks and just as many remixes, but it's the albums original material that says it all for me and all 10 tracks flow in the way of a concept album with the great music from Tom. There are some classics amongst its path, with contributions from Zoe Tebbutt on vocals and the voice of Able Leigh, this outfit works superbly into making a solid album and fine body of work, I highly recommend.
  24. Visions EP
    by Indigolab
    Madness in Silence Madness in Silence
    Visions is quite an experimental journey & experience. The EP comes with 5 tracks over a playing time of 28 mins and the fine music Tom as crafted out here very much as an ethnic and urban feel to it. Though the material here is perhaps a new road for Tom to go down, it still very much as a lot of his own unique style with the use of beats, and guitar here and there, but it is without doubt quite fresh and an excellent body of work. You certainly get value for money here & I highly recommend it.
  25. The Last Cartographer of Dreams
    by Indigolab
    Dreamland Dreamland
    The Last Cartographer of Dreams is quite a dream of an album very well crafted and mapped out by Tom Moore a.k.a. Indigolab. Once again Tom as called upon the talents of Zoe Tebbutt and Abie Leigh to lend a hand along with the fine talents of Cyra Morgan/Kim Guy and Clive Hale. All of which have blended and fitted into Tom's great music he has so very well sculptured out to make a solid body of work over the 14 tracks that run over 73 minutes on this super album. Highly recommend 100% get it.
  26. Carry Me Home
    by Larynx Suit
    Carry Me Home Carry Me Home
    Carry Me Home is a very solid body of work and one solid album by a truly talented artist who goes by the name of Larynx Suit. The album contains 10 great tracks over a playing time of 37 minutes.and is that addictive, it will have you coming back for more. Every song is very well written & crafted and as the right amount of balance and weight regarding the arrangement of the instrumentation & vocals and it's got a super production and feel about it all. Comes with a 100% recommendation. Get it.
  27. Stepping Stones To The Stars
    by Lavallin
    Celestial Voices/StarGazer (Lavallin) Celestial Voices/StarGazer (Lavallin)
    Graham's debut album is a fine body of work he done back in 2012. The album contains 11 great instrumental tracks over a playing time of just over 61 minutes, & although most of its material is made up soundscapes rather than the use of constant rhythms, it contains fine melodies from his keyboards & coupled up with his Floyd like ambient guitar & ambient textures it holds up really well. It makes a well worthy purchase & each track will take you on wonderful journey through the cosmos of space.
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  28. Floating World
    by Lavallin
    Listens With Owls (Lavallin) Listens With Owls (Lavallin)
    An album that crosses many continents and countries with its style and flow of the music upon it, taking in mainly African & Asian culture and other forms of world music and fusing it all together. Graham focuses more on percussion and rhythms and land, rather than soundscapes and space that was on his debut album. It's another fine body of work over the 14 tracks over a time of the 79 minutes you get here, and a very magical journey across the world well worthy of taking on. Highly recommended.
  29. The Healing Hands Of Time (LAVALLIN) feat. Mark J.Bennett
    by Lavallin
    Moving On ~ Lavallin * Bennett Moving On ~ Lavallin * Bennett
    A very spiritual and haunting album this one of Graham's that deals with the soul, life and the afterlife, done in the form of a concept album with both it's words and music telling the fine story. The album features Mark Bennett on 4 of its tracks, who contributes vocals and lyrics, and it works very well I have to say myself. Musically, lyrically and vocally it's a very strong and makes damn fine album, that comes highly recommended from me and well worthy of adding to your record collection.
  30. Quantum Fields - CDs available @
    by This Liquid Sky
    The Wait The Wait
    Quantum Fields is an excellent 6 track EP with a playing time of 21 minutes, and is the work of John Haney. Do not be fooled by the description of how this appears on Bandcamp as if it only as 2 tracks on it, you certainly get your moneys worth here for the price, and all 6 tracks are well good, and John knows how craft out great music in the electronic ambient world. A solid piece of work I would highly recommended for your ears.
  31. The Empty Room
    by Frédéric L’Épée
    Parle-moi encore (keep talking to me) Parle-moi encore (keep talking to me)
    An album that does exactly what it says on the tin regarding it's concept of the subject matter in question. It's perhaps not an album that will set the world on fire, but it does have some pleasurable moments along it's path. You can read a lot more about L’Épée's GREAT! music here:
  32. Empires
    by Loft
    Empires Empires
    An album that comes with a superb quality production and will rock the head of your shoulders. If you like your rock music to rock heavy then this is no doubt what you have been looking for. A superb band consisting of 5 talented musicians who know how to knock out great songs. Metal Rock at its best and comes with a 100% recommendation from me. Get it and blow those cobwebs out of your ears...
  33. Hail To The Sun
    by Loft
    Revolutions Revolutions
    It's been a good couple of years since these 5 talented musicians who go by the name of Loft released their brilliant debut album Empires. No doubt these guys Rock hard & heavy in many ways just as both Birmingham bands Black Sabbath & Quartz did back in the 70's. Loft without doubt are the Monsters of Heavy Rock down in Cornwall and though this EP is much shorter with a playing time of 23:15. The 5 tracks upon it are mind blowing and it's another superb production that purely Rocks My Boat.
  34. Geometry
    by Selena & Gordon's Factory
    Idee Fixe Idee Fixe
    As albums go these days with the length of material you get upon them. I suppose at some 28 mins & 23 secs it may be hard to call Geometry an album. But never the less there is no doubt it's a fine body of work with its 8 Retro Hard Synth tracks placed upon it, all of which are very well crafted with a more forward approach to playing, rather than your basic ambient scapes. If your into synthesized music then this just maybe the ticket and I feel it will leave you wanting more. Recommended.
  35. Out of Doors
    by Gordon Midgley
    Horizon Lost Horizon Lost
    A most wonderful EP consisting of 4 instrumental pieces that take you on a magical timeless journey even though it's all over after 11 and half minutes. Gordon Midgley is one super musician who knows how to skilfully blend, craft, shape and carve his instruments over the 4 short pieces here. The talents of Martin Kirwan lend a hand on tracks 2, another great musician, and even over this short distance the EP is a well worthy purchase and comes Highly recommended from myself.
  36. The Darkness of Error
    by Gordon Midgley
    Yet another solid piece of work by GM and it just gets better and better with everything this fine multi talented musician crafts out these days. If anything his latest EP The Darkness Off Error is certainly more guitar based than his previous works and it has more of an exciting harder edge about some of the tracks including its title track. It also has some atmospheric & melodic beauties on the 26 minutes you get over the 7 super tracks here. It certainly floats and rocks my boat 100%. Get it
  37. The Fall of the House of Usher
    by Gordon Midgley
    Last Rays Last Rays
    A masterclass piece of work based around a Poe classic short story from 1839. Mr. Midgley not only captures the dramatics and the haunting atmosphere here, but has skilfully and successfully created his own masterpiece in presenting it in the form of a Prog Rock Opera. No doubt his best album to date and comes with my 100% recommendation.
    by Gordon Midgley & Joan Silentio
    Sometimes Sometimes
    Prog rock meets Trip Hop with this new offering from Midgely & Silentio and it's a combination that works extremely well. It even contains a potential hit song with "Sometimes" in particular. The haunting dark side does even get to shine some light and once again the subject source for the albums concept is well apt to the GREAT! music you get here. It's an album that creates a much bigger picture even with its many short tracks that make it up and I do hope there is more to come from this duo.
  39. Just loved
    by Milana Zilnik
    Sunny days Sunny days
    Just Loved is a fabulous album by Milana that contains 13 well crafted written songs over some 58 & half minutes. Just under an hour's worth of material that certainly entertains and sparkles with this fine ladies talent all over it. There are some great classics amongst its path and Milana as poured her heart and soul into many of the great songs she has done all in her unique style of Jazz. It's very much an album that entertains from beginning to end, and quality I highly recommend 100%..
  40. Finding Myself
    by Tomáš Minařík
    Recollection Recollection
    Finding my way is Mina's début album, it very much contains 12 beautiful pieces of music played by one fine young chap, who as such a wonderful gift and talent on the piano. This album also sees his skills in blending some fine orchestral backing around some of the fine tracks along the coarse of it. I can see him going places in future, especially when he as such an amazing talent to not only play but compose well structured melodies and damn fine music. I highly recommend this for your ears.
  41. Voyager
    by Kenny Mitchell
    Voyager Part 1 Voyager Part 1
    1 title 2 tracks over 25 and half mins each that will take you on a purely wonderful musical journey filled with a bag of goodies in the instrument department all crafted and sculptured out by one very fine musician and superb composer Kenny Mitchell. The album Voyager is a work of art in the world of Prog Rock music, to put it into a nutshell its very much like listening to Oldfield, Floyd, Giltrap, Ayreon and Camel all rolled into one, its a real Gem of an album that I highly recommend 100%.
  42. Songs From Another Time
    by Kenny Mitchell
    The Cream Egg Song The Cream Egg Song
    Another solid album from Kenny this one and one that comes with 12 fabulous instrumental guitar based tracks including the bonus track. The album's title very much suggests what the material here is being a mixture of old and new material, and the material upon it comes with some great styles of Rock, Prog and Jazz. More goodness from the great musician & composer and another must for my collection and 100% well worthy of the money here. Highly recommended for your ears, and it ROCKSSSS.
  43. Love for Dian
    by Robert Montgomery
    Day in June Day in June
    Love For Dian is an album that contains 11 great tracks which are very much inspired by Robs beautiful wife Dian. The material is very strong throughout and contains some real ballsy rocked up bluesy songs, as well as a few great ballads along the course of the album. It is very much a solid album Rob as carved out here, and he has great talent to deliver the goods being such a great multi instrumentalist who knows how to craft out some really cracking songs.100% Highly recommended from me.
  44. Not Harmonious Enough
    by mr dodo
    Ugly Ugly
    A superb début album this and damn fine song writing and fine music by Matthew Blindt, who along with his brother Joey on Vocals have crafted a fine piece of art that works superbly. The material on the album is a mixed bag of both serious and humorous songs and its quite a very strong album both musically and lyrically. I take my hat off to these fine guys for providing an album of excellent entertainment, and highly recommend all the way.
  45. Sea of Dreams
    by Myristica
    Future Calm Future Calm
    Sea of Dreams is one superb début album of Mei's. It contains 12 enchanting chillout tracks that will simply caress anyone's ears with beauty. Mei as a very unique way of crafting out fine music that is well structured with wonderful piano melodies with embracing warm sounds caressing and adding great build to them. This album contains many classics such as Future Calm, Beyond The Glow and many more. It works wonders for my ears, and I highly recommend it for yours.