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  1. The Mind's Exotica
    by Orpheus
  2. Light in the Abyss
    by Myridian
  3. Litanies Of The Lecherous
    by Diabolic Rites
  4. Extreme Mutations
    by Disintegrator
  5. Extreme Mutations
    by Disintegrator
  6. Concealed Death EP
    by Asylum
  7. Carthus (Demo)
    by Carthus
  8. Carthus (Demo)
    by Carthus
  9. Conquer the Inferior
    by Brethren
  10. Adorned In Ruin
    by Golgothan Remains
  11. Blood Seeps Into the Black Earth
    by Axxmaxxius Devastruktor
  12. Illusions of Progress
    by Acolytes of Moros
  13. The Wellspring
    by Acolytes of Moros
  14. Coalition of the Anathematized
    by Acolytes of Moros
  15. Graveyard Rites
    by Lucifer's Fall
  16. Decadent Perversity
  17. Leviathan
    by Circle Of Blood
  18. Insania Seorsum
    by Circle Of Blood
  19. Sarcophilus Laniarius
    by Van Diemen
  20. Van Diemen
    by Van Diemen