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  1. We Didn't Name The Flier - A Game Grumps/Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Parody
    by Insane Ian & ThatLuckyPanda
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  2. Culinary Conniptions: An Insane Ian Mini-Tribute
    by ThatLuckyPanda
    I Bet I Can Eat More Waffles Than You I Bet I Can Eat More Waffles Than You
    Honored that TLP would cover my tunes! What an extraordinarily wonderful birthday surprise!
  3. Stop Making Scott Making Cents Sense
    by Scott Making Cents
  4. Rudy Reboots: WEIRD- A Ska Punk Tribute To Al Yankovic
    by Rudy Reboots
  5. Rudy Reboots: GIANTS- A Ska Punk Tribute to They Might Be Giants
    by Rudy Reboots
  6. Rudy Reboots: NAKED-A Ska/ Ska Punk Tribute to Barenaked Ladies
    by Rudy Reboots
  7. Starbomb Instrumentals: The First Three Albums
    by Starbomb
  8. It's Frog Noticing Time EP
    by Scooter Picnic
  9. April Fools
    by Schaffer the Darklord and Coolzey
  10. Don't Cry
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist and Schaffer the Darklord
  11. You Fucking Suck
    by Coolzey and Schaffer the Darklord
  12. Power Trip
    by Chris Ballew
  13. Game Grumps Remixes
    by Em-One
  14. Game Grumps Selects (Remix Anthology)
    by MasterSwordRemix
  15. The Grump Variations
    by M. Bulteau
  16. Luscious We Roam
    by Fang Battalion
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. Crash
    by Beefy
  18. Friends of the Blues
    by TWRP
  19. Halloween With Scoopski
    by Scoopski
  20. The Spinner Rack EP
    by Wordburglar