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  1. Above the Covers: A Ninja Sex Party 10 Year Anniversary Tribute Album
    by NSP Tribute
  2. Hot Dog Race / Half Past
    by the Friday Swaps
  3. The Meaning of Life
    by Anthony Kapfer
  4. Link Up With Me Baby (Breath of the Wild)
    by Brentalfloss
  5. Link Up With Me Baby Instrumental (Zelda Great Fairy Theme Remix)
    by Brentalfloss
  6. Pronoun Throwdown
    by Mega Ran
  7. The People Could Fly
    by Malibu Shark Attack!
  8. Needlejustice
    by Various Artists
  9. 23 Concepts (But a Hit Apparently Both Obviously and Clearly Still Ain't One)
    by MC Lars
  10. Humble Bundle
    by MC Lars
  11. Revenge of the Nerds II (feat. Mega Ran, Beefy, Schäffer the Darklord, SkyBlew, MC Frontalot, YTCracker, LEX the Lexicon Artist and Former Fat Boys)
    by MC Lars
  12. Righteous Rappings For Jesus: 2d6 is Saved
    by 2d6
  13. Even This is Going to Pass (feat. Lori McKenna)
    by Eliot Bronson
  14. Your Guide to Live Casino Gaming
    by TV's Kyle
  15. anAlbum
    by The Comic Sads
  16. Pumpkins
    by Robbie Ellis
  17. BomBARDed
    by Library Bards
  18. Deep Fried Superhero!
    by Jeff Whitmire
  19. Waxing Weird
    by DJ Enki
  20. Brains Are Weird
    by Zach Funk