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  1. PANAMERICA (Disc 5): Soundscapes (Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala)
    by Stick Men featuring David Cross
  2. PANAMERICA (Discs 3&4): Full Show (Costa Rica)
    by Stick Men featuring David Cross
  3. PANAMERICA (Disc 2): Suites (Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile)
    by Stick Men featuring David Cross
  4. PANAMERICA (Disc 1): Improvs (Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil)
    by Stick Men featuring David Cross
  5. Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love
    by Doubt
  6. After The Exhibition
    by The Wrong Object
  7. Stories From The Shed
    by The Wrong Object
  8. Inti
    by Machine Mass featuring Dave Liebman
  9. Into The Herd HD)
    by The Wrong Object
  10. The Unbelievable Truth
    by Elton Dean & The Wrong Object
  11. Brewed In Belgium
    by Alex Maguire feat. The Wrong Object
  12. Plays Hendrix
    by Machine Mass
  13. Never Pet A Burning Dog
    by Doubt
  14. As Real As Thinking
    by Machine Mass Trio
  15. PANAMERICA Bonus Tracks
    by Stick Men featuring David Cross
  16. Hasta Karma (HD 96kHz​/​24bit)
    by Dewa Budjana feat. Antonio Sanchez, Ben Williams, Joe Locke
  17. Surya Namaskar (HD)
    by Dewa Budjana feat. Jimmy Johnson & Vinnie Colaiuta
  18. Joged Kahyangan (HD 96kHz​/​24bit)
    by Dewa Budjana featuring Peter Erskine, Bob Mintzer, Larry Goldings, Jimmy Johnson, Janis Siegel
  19. Dawai In Paradise
    by Dewa Budjana
  20. Sleeper Street (HD)
    by Mark Wingfield
  21. Proof Of Light (HD)
    by Mark Wingfield
  22. Tor & Vale (HD)
    by Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband
  23. Steam
    by Soft Machine Legacy
  24. Live Adventures
    by Soft Machine Legacy
  25. Burden Of Proof
    by Soft Machine Legacy
  26. Lighthouse (HD)
    by Wingfield Reuter Sirkis
  27. The Sound Of The Earth (HD)
    by Xavi Reija feat. Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Dusan Jevtovic
  28. The Stone House (HD)
    by Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis
  29. Fractal Guitar (feat. Markus Reuter) (HD)
    by Stephan Thelen
  30. Home
    by Dewa Budjana feat. Peter Erskine, Dave Carpenter, Reggie Hamilton
  31. Hidden Details (HD)
    by Soft Machine
  32. Pasar Klewer (HD)
    by Dwiki Dharmawan
  33. So Far So Close (HD)
    by Dwiki Dharmawan (feat. Jimmy Haslip, Chad Wackerman, Dewa Budjana, Tohpati, Jerry Goodman)
  34. Live at Jazz Fest Wien 2012
    by Dwiki Dharmawan String Quartet Project
  35. Live in USA (At The Baked Potato)
    by Dwiki Dharmawan
  36. World Peace Orchestra
    by Dwiki Dharmawan
  37. Work In Progress Live
    by D.F.A.
  38. Rumah Batu (HD)
    by Dwiki Dharmawan
  39. Work In Progress Live
    by D.F.A.
  40. Kaleidoscope (2cd set)
    by D.F.A.
  41. 4th
    by D.F.A.
  42. Mahandini (HD)
    by Dewa Budjana feat. Jordan Rudess, Marco Minnemann, Mohini Dey, John Frusciante
  43. Midori
    by Stick Men+ featuring David Cross
  44. Tales From The Dreaming City (HD)
    by Mark Wingfield
  45. B.L.U.E. Nights
    by Bruford Levin Upper Extremities