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  1. Ambient
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  1. All The Peacemakers Whom I Am Familiar With Specialize In Hallucinatory Automanipulations And Over The Course Of Time Become Vigilantes, So Do Not Ever Belittle The Burdensome Presumptions Regarding Cult Leaders
    by Wings Of An Angel
  2. Guardian of the Realm
    by Chamber of Sorrows
  3. Eternal Return
    by Hyblean
  4. Breviário dos Pássaros
  5. Thought Police
    by Wings Of An Angel
  6. False Awakening
    by Drifting In Silence
  7. CRS 3.0
    by Donovan Hikaru & 猫 シ Corp.
  8. Fracturing Transparent Nerve Endings
    by Wings Of An Angel
  9. Take Chances In Your Music Or Perish: The Aleatoric Solo Piano Masterpieces Vol​.​2
    by Wings Of An Angel
  10. Offline
    by Mind over MIDI
  11. Her Name Is Melancholia And She Was The Cosmos In My Dying Heart, Like An Antique Spell Of Unrequited Happiness
    by Wings Of An Angel
  12. Are You A Nuclear Goddess Or A Golden Samurai?
    by Wings Of An Angel
  13. Visit Palestine To Participate In The Messiah Exchange Program
    by Wings Of An Angel
  14. Rooted
    by Volkroen
  15. Sounds from the Black Lodge: A Tribute to Twin Peaks
    by Various Artists
  16. Walls, Gates and Borders of Stones
    by Reverberant Evenings
  17. 牧歌的な生き方
    by 放浪者
  18. Mispronounced Amnesia
    by Wings Of An Angel
  19. The Moon & Stars
    by ゆPlateformeゆ
  20. Soldiers Lament
    by SoLaRiS