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  1. Languid Belles
    by The Slow Summits
  2. maritime e.p.
    by The Umbrellas
  3. The Umbrella Puzzles EP
    by The Umbrella Puzzles
  4. Future Silence
    by Future Silence
  5. Duo Duo
    by Operator Music Band
  6. Unter der Haut eine überhitzte Fabrik
    by Stefanie Schrank
  7. Grass Stains and Novocaine
    by seablite
  8. Goodnight Paradise
    by Graveyard Club
  9. Dizzy Spells
    by Patience
  10. Cellar Door
    by Graveyard Club
  11. gummyblossom EP
    by Jupiter Sprites
  12. Ill
    by makthaverskan
  14. All the Same (EP)
    by Fanclub
  15. Rådjuret
    by Rådjuret
  16. Think I Need The Light
    by Holy Now
  17. dream, ivory EP
    by Dream, Ivory
  18. forever & ever
    by SALES
  19. 4 ever live
    by Men I Trust
  20. regret, love, guilt, dreams EP
    by The Bilinda Butchers
  21. goodbyes EP
    by The Bilinda Butchers
  22. SALES EP
    by SALES
  23. SALES LP
    by SALES
  24. Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. I & II
    by Helena Deland
  25. Call Yourself New
    by Kraków Loves Adana
  26. Songs After The Blue
    by Kraków Loves Adana
  27. life of glass
    by cheap fantasy
  28. Drug Tax
    by Fruit & Flowers
  29. Fazerdaze EP
    by Fazerdaze
  30. Live In Leeds
    by Human Don't Be Angry
  31. A Quarter Past Shite
    by Malcolm Middleton