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  1. Life...Is Beautiful
    by Lost In Nothingness
    Tranquility Tranquility
    I cannot express enough how much this album helps me through some struggling times. It is not to often-when I find myself in a sad or dark head space-that I am able to find solace in very much. But somehow, despite one too many bad days that don't seem to get better, your albums always manage to help me drift away from my problems, even if only for a short while. I take those moments as miracles and times to cherish. So thank you endlessly for the passion and effort you put into your music.
  2. Exile
    by Moons Eat Stars
    Path to Exile Path to Exile
    One of 2016's best albums. As infinite and vast as space itself is, "Exile" too seems endless with a void of melodic-and at times white-harmonies. If an understanding of time and space is possible, it would sound like this album. Words cannot convey enough how much I love this post-rock gem.
  3. Endure
    by Constructing Infinity
    Iridescent Paths Iridescent Paths
  4. Precipitate • Evaporate
    by Constructing Infinity
    Precipitate Precipitate
  5. Stonewall EP
    by Constructing Infinity
    Collective Amnesia Collective Amnesia
  6. The Choice of Origin
    by Unto The Lion
    The Choice Of Origin The Choice Of Origin
    There are too many great things to say about this album and not enough words to say it. It perfectly blends the gently complex technical sounds and vicious ferocity that makes this genre an imposing force in the world of music. Though "The Choice of Origin" as an album and Unto The Lion as a band are hugely inspirational to musicians, I can firmly say that it goes beyond that, as I myself am a writer and have found only epic momentum in progress with this album playing on constant repeat...
  7. "All the Memories, All at Once"
    by Sunlight Ascending
    All the Memories, All at Once All the Memories, All at Once
  8. Music For Quiet Mornings
    by Endless Melancholy
    Quiet Quiet
  9. Reanimation
    by Lights & Motion
    Album Preview: Reanimation Album Preview: Reanimation
  10. "Elephant"
    by La Vérité
    Your eyes are the sun Your eyes are the sun
    Absolutely one of the all time best post-rock albums ever made. I am baffled that "Elephant" and La Vérité do not get more recognition, something that both the album and the band/artist so greatly deserve. The rich emotion that radiates from this album will never fail to bring me a sense of happiness, bliss, and empowerment that I am unable to explain through words. Easily some of the most inspirational music I have the pleasure of listening to, "Elephant" and La Vérité are otherworldly...
  11. Dying...To See You Again
    by Lost In Nothingness
    The Calmness Of Silence The Calmness Of Silence
    It is truly awe inspiring how one person is able to make so much amazing music, and have it all sound beyond wonderful. It is clear that Lost In Nothingness is built on deeply rooted emotion, whether good or bad. That being said, those emotions convey themselves through the music in ways more pure than water. I hope to never hear an end to the work of Lost In Nothingness, as I have grown quite fond of wandering lost in that nothingness...