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  1. Forest of Eternal Dawn
    by Nahtram
  2. An Ominous Journey
    by Nahtram
  3. Comfort
    by Caulden
    Your Name Your Name
    If sipping a cup of tea were an album, it would sound like this one. Beautiful!
  4. One Within The Sun
    by Atavistia
    Seas Of Stars Seas Of Stars
    Finally something to quench my thirst for Wintersun-ish music. However, some songs such as "Seas of Stars" are composition-wise original indeed and the band is just getting started. Looking forward to the style they will develop over time, since this has massive potential!
  5. Cimet
    by Consecration
    Cimet Cimet
    Post-rock, sweet as cinnamon! IMHO, one of the best and most unique albums that can be found in the Balkans.
  6. Plava Laguna
    by Consecration
    U Karkosi U Karkosi
    A true hidden gem, my favorite from the Serbian music scene!

    Uspavljujuće divno, s tačno prikladnom dozom "prže" tj. "heavinessa". Najbolji ste!
  7. Grob
    by Consecration
  8. .avi
    by Consecration
  9. Aux
    by Consecration
  10. Univerzum zna
    by Consecration
  11. Age of the Fifth Sun
  12. All is Violent, All is Bright
    God is definetly an astronaut, and he co-created this album with this band
  13. Helios | Erebus
    Pig Powder Pig Powder
    The perfect space/post rock album. Just the right amount of emotion, melody, power and soothing alongside a magnificent album cover!
  14. Circadia
    by Jardín de la Croix
    Green architect Green architect
    I can feel my brain growing
  15. Moksha
    by My Sleeping Karma
    Moksha Moksha
    An adventurous but simultaneously meditating psychedelic/stoner rock experience! The album cover fits the music perfectly!
  16. Mother of all trees
    by Black Hill & heklAa
    Flower of May Flower of May
    I am not sure what is more beautiful and serene - the album cover or the actual music.
  17. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
  18. Tales of the night forest
    by Black Hill & Silent Island
    Dawn Dawn
    Sounds like a distant echo of some deep fantasy dream I had. Magnificent!
  19. Sleep Cycle
    by Sleep Cycle
  20. Endless Dive
    by Endless Dive