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  1. Sacred ॐ Mysteries [ENTHEON011]
    by Entheon קיפא ויקיפדיה
    Eternal Light (Remastered) Eternal Light (Remastered)
    134BPM A Min ॐ♥
  2. Dracarys
    Yanina (Original Mix) Yanina (Original Mix)
    Seven Five ॐ
    142BPM D Min
  3. Conversations With God
    "Electric waves of silence" (Dynamic Bastards remix) "Electric waves of silence" (Dynamic Bastards remix)
    146BPM C Maj
  4. Reflexive Memories
    by Zende
    Am I Awake? Am I Awake?
    Reflexive Memories ॐ
    146BPM C Maj
  5. Ratlam रतलाम भारत के
    by Various Artists — Hunab Ku Records
    Kazahi (Original Mix) Kazahi (Original Mix)
    •Ratlam रतलाम भारत•
    BPM213 D♭ Maj ♥ ॐ
  6. Projections (24bit 2017 Remaster)
    by StereOMantra
    Neverland Neverland
    The neurons of my auditory cortex just told me that this music is a very unusual experience was a total masterpiece... Love this album from start to finish an abstracted ramble into a loosening state of lucidness, timeless trippy spacey music. No favorites, every track a dream. I'm sure that every buyer will be long twilight with this powerfull-experience ॐ
    105BPM G♭ Min.
  7. Long Life Forest
    by ALWOODS
    Space Radio Station Space Radio Station
    I don't have words for describe this amazing work — Alwoods Project is pulcre and superb, canaliced from distants space´s. I'm addict to this bassline & designed sound caracteristic from this Powerfull Project.
    124BPM E Maj
  8. Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō 南無妙法蓮華經 [ENTHEON010]
    by Entheon קיפא ויקיפדיה
    Spaghetti Wonderful (Original Mix) Spaghetti Wonderful (Original Mix)
    BPM130 A Min ॐ ♥
  9. Synergia
    by Mystical Complex & Sajanka
    वेद शास्त्रों में भी ॐ के कई चमत्कारिक प्रभावों का उल्लेख मिलता है। आज के आधुनिक युग में वैज्ञानिकों ने भी शोध के मध्यम से ॐ के चमत्कारिक प्रभाव की पुष्टी की है। पाश्चात्य देशों में भारतीय वेद पुराण और हज़ारों वर्ष पुरानी भारतीय संस्कृति.

    145BPM A♭ Min ओ३म् ॐ ♥
  10. Nueva ॐ Delhi नई दिल्ली
    by Various Artists — Hunab Ku Records
    Wormhole (Original Mix) Wormhole (Original Mix)
    146BPM D♯ Min
  11. Veleyle - Harem
    by Veleyle
    Veleyle - Harem (Original Mix) Veleyle - Harem (Original Mix)
    102BPM A Min OMॐ
  12. Tathāstu
    by Various Artists
    Shiva mantra Shiva mantra
    This one-way space-time ride takes you to the heart of the top of paradise beyond reality, the mystical oasis in the desert. Oganic sounds DeepEthnic & Shamanic bassline suggesting unknown beings living in the mind of eternity. Classic-golden style of Oriental-Oasis, pleasantly human in touch and a wholesome experience where technology takes a back seat in favor of love. But most importantly, this multi-cultural journey fulfilled with ancestor and foreigner rhythms.
    115BPM ॐ ♥
  13. Satori 开悟 [ENTHEON009]
    by Entheon קיפא ויקיפדיה
    Esto Es Tulum (Original Mix) Esto Es Tulum (Original Mix)
    BPM119 D Min ॐ ♥
  14. Bodydrummin'
    by Afefe Iku
    Bodydrummin Bodydrummin
    Danny Tenaglia ‎— Futurism:
    Renaissance •Bodydrummin•

    L'expérience de Dieu dans l'écoute de la musique. Rien d'étonnant donc que dans tous les temples de l'humanité on chante et on fasse de la musique.
    125BPM ॐ ♥
  15. Trancedance कुल पृष्ठ है
    by Various Artists — Hunab Ku Records
    Pesadilla Hermosa (Fiord Remix) Pesadilla Hermosa (Fiord Remix)
    शरीर की रोग प्रतिरोधक क्षमता को बढाकर कई असाध्य बीमारियों से दूर रखने में मदद करता है। आध्यात्म में ॐ का विशेष महत्त्व है

    BPM126 A Min ॐ ♥
  16. Transdimensional Tranceport ॐ [ENTHEON008]
    by Entheon קיפא ויקיפדיה
    Let's Go (Original Mix) Let's Go (Original Mix)
    128BPM B♭ Maj ♥ॐ
  17. Equilibrium
    by Zentrix
    Off the Grid Off the Grid
    BPM 130 E Maj ♥ ॐ
  18. The Eclectic Benevolence
    by Tetrameth
    The Eclectic Benevolence The Eclectic Benevolence
    Genius moves, while sometimes we are not enough ready soon to keep the pace. The Eclectic Benevolence is just another stunner from a man who deserves love and respect for his superior art. 10/10
    BPM 137 C Maj ♥ ॐ
  19. The Rise and Fall of the Flagon
    by Logman N Pstump
    Seasoned Soup Carrier Seasoned Soup Carrier
    It is said that God created the world from the sound and as the sound and music were given to men by the Gods, will be always in music, in its sounds, where man finds his deep self ॐ
    138BPM G Maj
    इन्द्र - מלכי-צדק 🏆ॐ ♥
  20. Technical Hitch - Voices Of Israel
    by Alice D
    या ओंकार का नामान्तर प्रणव ॐ
    170BPM G Min ॐ ♥