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  1. The Scourge
    by Gregorio Franco
  2. Memories
    by Kawaii Robot Shark
  3. Plague Bearer
    by Unholy Rat King
  4. The Horned One
    by GhostHost
  5. Rizer
    by Techno Mage
  6. KIBA
    by MacReady
  7. Spacetunes = WIN
    by Chiptunes = WIN
  8. Wine Into Blood
    by Unholy Rat King
  9. Phenomenon
    by Acid Gambit
  10. Vaskania Prime
    by PatternShift
  11. The Arcade Wave
    by Endemico
  12. Ready For Battle (EP)
    by Ansonix
    Triumphant Triumphant
    Ready for Battle takes you on a journey that culminates in a spectacular track, Triumphant, that has tasty melodies reminiscent of Passion Pit. Ansonix has taken a great first step with this EP and left the chiptune community hungry for more. Can't wait to see what he does next.
  13. The Mirror
    by Neuron Spectre
    The Mirror The Mirror
    It would be easy to write off Neuron Spectre as just another masked synthwave act...that is until you hear this album. The opening to The Mirror consistently gets me amped up and the creepy movement across every one of Neuron Spectre's tracks evokes horror slasher film like no other.
  14. 20XX Volume II: A Tribute to the Music of Mega Man X
    by Gregorio Franco
  15. Quantum Memories
    by Gregorio Franco
    Si-Ket Si-Ket
    This spacewave release is a surprisingly pleasant departure from GF's normal horrorsynth - think Mass Effect Trilogy. Fucking sick.
    by Gregorio Franco
  17. New Blood
    by Occams Laser
  18. Terra District 1
    by Future Holotape
  19. The 2nd EP
    by FacexHugger
    by Elay Arson
  21. Borrowed Memories
    by Elay Arson
  23. Street Cleaner
    by Street Cleaner
  24. Payback
    by Street Cleaner
  25. Heatwave
    by Street Cleaner
  26. Slade
    by Street Cleaner
  27. The Wet Look
    by Street Cleaner
  28. Payback 2
    by Street Cleaner
  29. Live
    by Street Cleaner
  30. Revenger
    by Street Cleaner
  31. Explosion
    by Street Cleaner
  32. Shutdown
    by Street Cleaner
  33. Hardware
    by Street Cleaner
  34. Remixes and B-Sides Volume 1
    by Street Cleaner
  35. Sci-Fi Violence
    by FacexHugger
  36. Chasing Replicants
    by FacexHugger