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  1. Live @ 100% ElectroniCON
    by Nmesh
  2. Polygonic
    by bootlegbby
  3. You Can't Hear Me
    by SHADI
  4. Practicing Loss
    by Feast of the Epiphany
  5. a little light of our own
    by american poetry club
  6. Sick With Love
    by The Holy Circle
  7. The Dubs
    by Ed Balloon
  8. I.C.
    by CVN
    by Koeosaeme
  10. BLISS
    by Drainpuppet
  11. Face
    by clipping.
    Face Face
    Solid reissue for a very unique debut. Flanch remix stands out as my favorite, Youth Code have a cool one too.
  12. Shadow World
    by Lana Del Rabies
    Devour Devour
    Heavy and dark death industrial music that really sets a mood and creates an oppressive atmosphere. Lana has some super cool production and vocals on this.
  13. Now, and Never Again
    by They Hate Change
    by SB The Moor
    Feelns 4 Feelns 4
    SB kicks this album off with a wild, manic performance that slowly settles into a more loving and peaceful one throughout. The performance is glittery and spacey and the vocals have a nice sense of energy and melody.
  15. Love Songs & Carnage
    by Leon Vegas
    Space Space
    Leon Vegas presents a record of duality on Love Songs & Carnage the first half, (Love Songs) contain catchy melodies on emo rap tunes with great one liners and performance. The second half (Carnage) is heavy and aggressive, drawing influence from trap metal and industrial hip hop. The vocal performances become shouted and manic and fit great on the production. Anyone into emo rap or trap metal needs to give this a listen, as Leon comes completely to form here.