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  1. From Resignation...
    by HIATUS
  2. UTROTA - 7 Track Demo / Radioaktiv Ödemark LP
    by phobiarecords
  3. Extreme Crude Disorder - Aftermath
    by Extreme Crude Disorder
  4. Last & Unreleased
    by closed mouth
  5. Slava Ukraini!
    by Various Artists (Fundraiser for Ukraine)
  6. Warcollapse - Bound To Die 7"EP
    by phobiarecords
  7. V/A Demons Inside Us - 20 Years Of Phobia Records compilation LP
    by phobiarecords
  8. La Colpa È Solo Tua
    by GOLPE
  9. Warcollapse - Bound To Die 7"EP
    by phobiarecords
  10. Cool
    by Colleen Green
  11. etazhi (2018)
    by Molchat Doma
  12. ICR065 - CLOSED MOUTH "Before The Dream Faded"
    by Icy Cold Records
  13. Distopia 2020 Demo
    by Putrid Future
  14. Rotten - Demo
    by Nightfeeder
  15. A Vaccination For The Social Plague
    by Nightmare Fuel
    So Be It So Be It
    This is the epitome of American Crust. Merging the technical virtuosity of old school death metal, raw irreverent chaos of '80s-'90s grindcore, fervent fire of '80s D-beat HC punk and smolder of doomladen '90s crust. Anguished lyrics drive it all into the heart.
  16. Svaveldioxid / Skeleton split 7"EP
    by phobiarecords
    Svaveldioxid - Dödsdömd Svaveldioxid - Dödsdömd
  17. Demo 2020
    by AssholeParade
    You (G-Anx cover) You (G-Anx cover)
    by flat earth recs
  19. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman