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  1. The Hideous Goblink
    by Regal Worm
    An upbeat album with a more linear and consistent focus compared to its predecessor. Complex driving rhythms, whirring electronics and choral chants dominate. It's almost a bit krautrock at points.
  2. Acte V / Live at NEARFest 2010
    by Forgas Band Phenomena
  3. I (EP)
    by Ulls
  4. Dromology
    by Inner Ear Brigade
    Dark Sleep Fortress Dark Sleep Fortress
    A really excellent album, very jazzy but it pulls a lot from art-punk titans Cardiacs in terms of energy and chord progressions. If I am correct, Inner Ear Brigade are in fact pondies from across the pond and it shows. Very avant garde but also very melodic; this album is chock full of interesting harmonies between vocals, horns and guitar. It makes for quite an accessible approach to avant-prog but is all the better for it.
  5. Witchcult
    by C H A P E L
  6. Ivonne Van Cleef . 12
    by Ivonne Van Cleef
  7. The Land Of The Giants
    by The Cravats
  8. Anoia s'apodera (LP)
    by Ulls
    El fosser El fosser
    A thick slab of mediterranean prog rock. This album has a warm but slightly dark feel, creative riffing and gloomy organs. The songs for the most part are pretty engaging, only the last song takes awhile to get going. It's hard to believe this was all done by one person, not just a talented multi instrumentalist but a good composer too. I look forward to the apparent sequels.
  9. Roadtrip To Fantazery
    by Pilot Voyager
    Sometimes you really just can't beat drums, bass and guitar going off on fluid, loose jams. This is some lovely, spacious and egoless instrumental rock with quirky riffs and rhythms. Fun to jam and play a long too. I love the cover art as well.
  10. OFIUCO
    by IMAO
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  11. Plant Lab
    by Plant Lab
    Baroque Baroque
    A lovely slab of curious psychedelic pop with lo-fi but fat sounding production. Very blissful yet energetic with pummelling drums and basslines augmented by unpredictable, sometimes jazzy melodies on pianos and electronics. Tons of fun.
  12. Home Wreck
    by Hibiscus Biscuit
    The single artwork is, difficult to look at but the song itself is pretty funky
  13. Liquid Skies
    by Hibiscus Biscuit
  14. Reflection of Mine
    by Hibiscus Biscuit
    So Long So Long
    Really wonderful thing this, a chance find. Simply put it's a gorgeous blend of psychedelic pop and prog blues blessed with lush production and warm organs. Vocals are also excellent. This is a very strong debut and flows extremely well. Psychedelic bands are popping up all over the place these days and it's hard to find something this original.
  15. Sci-Fi Safari
    by psychedelic source records
  16. Lost In The Walled City
    by Arthhur
  17. Occult Fractures
    by Arthhur
    Doom Journalism Doom Journalism
    Deserves a lot more attention, plenty of clever wordplay and commentary, brilliant and energetic vocal performance all around. Seriously, these lyrics are clever, touches on everything from media hysteria to far right radicalisation. Reminds me of Squid but this band definitely has their own thing going on with a more dance punk focus. The bassline on Doom Journalism is nuts.
  18. Elevator to the Moon
    by Stingray Fever
  19. Fragments of a Dying Star
    by Dispirited Spirits
  20. Sauropoda
    by L'Eclair
    Blissful grooves and subtle textures. A stunning slab of "Library Prog" that seamlessly draws upon afrobeat, komische and exotica influences.