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  1. Starmelt EP
    by Motorpsycho
  2. New Excellent Woman
    by Asher White
    Skate Park Anthem Skate Park Anthem
    This is a very cool album, bursting at the seams with pretty melodies. The songs are very ornate but also have this lively, rickety feeling structure, it's really fun to listen to.
  3. Spires
    by In-Dreamview
    by Tredici Bacci
    Brave New World Brave New World
    A special treat for any so-called "fans" of Cardiacs and related wonky music. It's reminiscent of the soundtracks of old saturday morning cartoons, all very playful and wacky. The run of four songs at the start of the album is especially strong.
  5. 6 (Instrumentals)
    by Pharaoh Overlord
  6. Tom Penaguin
    by Tom Penaguin
    Aborted Long Piece No2 Aborted Long Piece No2
    Gorgeous Canterbury jazz fusion. Paying its dues to the old masters but in and of itself a brilliant exercise in labyrinthian composition, seriously knotty stuff.
  7. The Haunting of Silvĺkra Mill
    by MALSTEN
    fan club exclusive
  8. Infants Under The Bulb
    by Uranium Club
    Viewers Like You Viewers Like You
    Fun album, don't think it tops Cosmo Cleaners but there's some good cuts. It kinda sounds like the soundtrack to like a daytime talk show with the horn section (which I mean in the best way possible, I think the spoken word also lends to this).
  9. Implosiones
    by Búho Ermitaño
  10. Yew's Paw
    by William D Drake
    Pipistrelle Pipistrelle
    Thoroughly splendid pieces from Mr Drake!
  11. The Joy of Sects [LP]
    by Chemtrails
    Sycophant's Paradise Sycophant's Paradise
    This album sounds like it was made for me, a crossover between my two favourite bands, Osees and Cardiacs. The quirky chord progressions do a lot of work here, and the result is a festering barrage of garage rock ear worms with a fairly neo-liberally applied coating of sprinkles on top.
  12. Three Bells
    by Ty Segall
    Void Void
    Great album from Ty, it puts me in mind of the first King Crimson record with its folky prog aspirations. Void reminds me of Spratleys Japs, spectacular, shadowy psychedelia!
  13. rehctaW
    by Josiah
  14. Lighthouse (HD)
    by Wingfield Reuter Sirkis
  15. Toscco
    by Happy Family
  16. Spider Heard
    by Guerilla Toss
  17. Human Girl
    by Guerilla Toss
  18. What Would The Odd Do?
    by Guerilla Toss
    It's kinda nutty stuff. The dense layering of synths is overpowering, a rainbow coloured wall of sound.
  19. Flood Dosed (Vinyl Edition)
    by Guerilla Toss
    Very intense and cerebral. Dissonant grooves slathered in layers of imposing synths, it's all very hypnotic!
  20. GT ULTRA
    by Guerilla Toss