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  1. Your Heart Is In Two Places (JTH Remix)
    by JoinedTheHerd
    by Forest Rain
  3. A Summer in the Stars
    by Forest Rain
  4. The Outdoors
    by UndreamedPanic
  5. Souvenirs
    by Francis Vace
  6. The Old Mare And The Sea
    by Francis Vace
  7. Otherworldly Journey
    by Exiark
  8. Dive (Exiark's Endless Sky Remix)
    by &I feat. Giggly Maria
  9. Finding My Way (Back Home)
    by Replacer & Megabyte Brony
  10. Hello Commander [single]
    by replacer
  11. Breathing Space
    by DJT, Rusyd Rosman
  12. Waking Up Alone (feat. Metajoker)
    by DJT
  13. Homeward
    by Vylet Pony
  14. Glitter
    by Vylet Pony
  15. Daybreaker
    by Vylet Pony
  16. Are You There
    by PrinceWhateverer
  17. Constellations
    by PrinceWhateverer
  18. Destabilize (Ft. CGScrambles & Brittney Ackerman)
    by PrinceWhateverer
  19. Solidarity (In This Together)
    by PrinceWhateverer
  20. Second Chances
    by Metajoker
  21. Fall Of An Empire
    by L-Train presents Ro.C.S.M.Or.
  22. The Great Division
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  23. The Pink Side of The Moon (Remastered)
    by 4EverfreeBrony