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  1. Mendocino, California
  2. Ambient
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  1. Bandits of Stature
    by Harold Budd
    The Dream of the Girl at the Lonely Desert Cafe The Dream of the Girl at the Lonely Desert Cafe
  2. II • The Best Days of Our Lives
    by Slow Dancing Society
    These Are the Best Days of Our Lives These Are the Best Days of Our Lives
  3. Asleep in the Downlights
    by Hammock, Steve Kilbey & timEbandit Powles
  4. Little Windows
    by Harold Budd
    Plumade Plumade
  5. Mysterium
    by Hammock
    Things of Beauty Burn Things of Beauty Burn
  6. I • Lilac Lullabies
    by Slow Dancing Society
    A Quiet Storm A Quiet Storm
  7. A Song For Lost Blossoms
    by Harold Budd
    Pensive Aphrodite Pensive Aphrodite
  8. What We Left Behind
    by Robert Rich
    Profligate Earth Profligate Earth
  9. Endless Summer (the instrumentals)
    by The Midnight
    Endless Summer (instrumental) Endless Summer (instrumental)
  10. Primeval Forest Hymns
    by Nubiferous
    Ognetsvet Ognetsvet
  11. Sun
    by Welcome Black
    Act 1 Act 1
  12. Dusk of the Gods (К Свету Тьмы - Сумерки Богов)
    by Ad Lucem Tenebratum
    Mahn' Pupunyor (part 1) Mahn' Pupunyor (part 1)
  13. The Journey Tapes
    by Ed Carlsen
    Grey Grey
    Excellent for a mellow morning drive. The mood elevates from start to finish. No filler tracks!
  14. Ghost Story
    by Preghost
    Departures Departures
    Pure Head-Candy from start to finish. The Mastery of Ambient elements is evident in every track, but intermingles nicely with uplifting percussive threads. Worthwhile.
  15. Avalon Sutra
    by Harold Budd
    A Walk In The Park With Nancy (In Memory) A Walk In The Park With Nancy (In Memory)
    A tragedy to have to choose a single track as a favourite. Every track, no, every chord is aural gold. Harold certainly possesses the proverbial Midas Touch when it comes to The Ivories. Not since Satie has the piano's potential been on such a majestic pedestal.
  16. Peripheral Dissolution
    by Hilyard
    Peripheral Dissolution Peripheral Dissolution
    Sweet and elegant. Like a stroll around a deserted campus on a foggy morning, this album nicely pairs bliss with a sense of optimism about the future.
  17. Time Spinners: The Great Attractor
    by Fiesel, Hertz & Lawlor
    Supercluster Supercluster
    Thricely amazing! Fans of Robert Fripp will appreciate this trio's prodigious approach to composition and performance. Fresh, smart, and alluring. This is a magnificent time for an audiophile to be alive.
  18. Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom
    by The Caretaker
    Midnight, the stars and you Midnight, the stars and you
    Opiates for the ears. The worst aspect of The Caretaker's Selected Memories From the Haunted Ballroom is having to eventually take the headphones off. This is like time travelling to your favourite staying home from school on a rainy day memory and visiting a while. A story book read aloud from the ghost of the tree you used to play in by the flicker of Christmas lights.
  19. Fogh Depot
    by Fogh Depot
    Orphan Drug Orphan Drug
    This is what it must have been like to experience jazz when jazz was new.
    Fogh Depot creates Brave New Soundscapes.
    Crazy talented.
    Crazy good.
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  20. Together Is the New Alone
    by Donnacha Costello
    Dry Retch Dry Retch
    A fetching listen. This would be ideal for lazing about in the grass; cloudbusting. Not half bad for late-night sipping wine on the porch either.
  21. New Heights (Alturas Remixed)
    by Signal Hill
    Metropolis (Remix by ::thinkstandard::) Metropolis (Remix by ::thinkstandard::)
    If you already love Signal Hill (Hand Raised High) these remixes will convice you that even the best of times can have a fresh start.
    All of the finesse and feel-good of the original musicians but with some hot, hot prospects on future properties made possible by some impressive up and coming talents. Play it loud.
  22. The English Cold
    by July Skies
    Strangers In Our Lanes Strangers In Our Lanes
    A lot of maturity shines through on this record. The song writing prowess and the familiar bittersweet vocals are still here, but so is a thousand yard stare.
  23. The Wandering II Compilation
    by Silent Season
    Sunyata Sunyata
    As many authentically amazing tracks adorn this album, it is difficult to understand why labels like Silent Season don't garner more attention.
    Well over twenty tracks; all of them spectacular, ready to burn down everything that is wrong with contemporary music. Nothing but admiration for this compilation.
  24. Tanto
    by bvdub
    03 - As We Remember a Life of Love 03 - As We Remember a Life of Love
    You'll be wrapped around his finger.
    On a merciless yo-yo trajectory between crippling heart ache and falling wildly in love.
    Mr. Van Way does not just tell a story with sonic manipulation, he immerses you fully and he does it with ease.
    It's almost like hypnosis.
    It's almost like intoxication.
    It's a lot like immortality.
  25. Fervent Dream
    by ASC
    Sullen Lament Sullen Lament
    Beautiful ambient soundscapes. Music this good can only awaken you. When it is this good, you could almost start a religion.
    Feed the flames of your rebirth.
  26. Gorgons Tale
    Северный Лес - отречение Северный Лес - отречение
    For listeners who are sometimes partial to the more stygian aspects of music composition, Black Mara offers another mesmerizing compilation. If you find yourself profoundly moved by Flowers for Bodysnatchers, Gorgons Tale might be a missing piece to your collection.
  27. Komorebi
    by Altus
    Wander Wander
    Altus is a prolific artist who makes incredibly lush and powerful albums. Every track is luxuriant and all consuming, as cinematic as it is psychedelic. Komorebi is the euphoric feeling of baptism by starlight.
  28. A Step in the Dark
    by bvdub
    05 Broken Bridges 05 Broken Bridges
    An eponymous interpretation of this album would be aptly put. The full-body effect created by bvdub's long form characteristic is still here, but there is an atypical element that flirts along the border between malice and melancholy. While not an immediately familiar listen at first, perhaps, this inexorably grows on you.
  29. Symphonica Helvetica
    by Horizontal Excursions
    Symphonica Helvetica Symphonica Helvetica
    Ideal for a much needed respite from the cacophony of the everyday routine that dulls our edges. Listening to Symphonica Helvitica is a much needed spa trip for your brain.
  30. Trẻ em
    by Kit
    I Grew Up Here I Grew Up Here
    A study in using found sounds and field recordings to generate an immersive effect that both takes you away from it all and takes you out of your comfort zone.
    Beautiful music, a good deal of it not conforming to the expectations of western preferences, but amazing in all respects.
  31. Hypnoid EP
    by halftribe
    Sleep Song ft OJWoods Sleep Song ft OJWoods
    Incredible, high quality recording.
    Fine dining for your ears.
    Halftribe effortlessly commands many of the fiber sensibilities of ambient music while not shying away from subdued white noise and traditional instrumentation. The finished result leaves no dry eyes.