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  1. Future Summers
    by Ashby and the Oceanns
  2. In Lieu of Essays
    by Plumes
  3. Harmlessness
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
  4. LP3
    by Restorations
  5. Hugs for Chelsea: benefit for Chelsea Manning
    by Hugs for Chelsea
  6. How to Socialise & Make Friends
    by CAMP COPE
  7. gay story
    by In Love With A Ghost
  8. The Pact
  9. Rivers
    by Songs for Moms
    by Days N Daze
  11. let's go
    by In Love With A Ghost
  12. ordinary magic ep
    by In Love With A Ghost
  13. diary // 2012-2014
    by In Love With A Ghost
  14. discography (2015)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  15. discography (2016)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  16. One Last Big Job
    by Ramshackle Glory
  17. healing
    by In Love With A Ghost
  18. Masterpiece
    by Big Thief
  19. Days N' Daze//Broken Bow Split
    by Days N' Daze, Broken Bow and Brando Chemtrails
  20. Shadows
    by Shawn James
  21. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
  22. Lendemains
    by Les sœurs Boulay
  23. New Love: Deluxe
    by A.W.
  24. Old Fires New Frontier LP (2016)
    by Caskitt
  25. Hide Your Way
    by Me and My Friends
  26. The Ballad Of The Undercrust
    by Speaker For The Dead
  27. Camp Cope
    by CAMP COPE
  28. 3
    by Katy Kirby
  29. Live at Grillby's
    by insaneintherainmusic
  30. 10,000-Year Earworm to Discourage Settlement Near Nuclear Waste Repositories
    by Emperor X
  31. Dirt Dealership
    by Emperor X
  32. Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractaldunes
    by Emperor X
    by Emperor X
  34. The Orlando Sentinel
    by Emperor X
  35. Western Teleport
    by Emperor X
    Erica Western Teleport Erica Western Teleport
  36. The Blythe Archives Volumes One and Two
    by Emperor X
  37. Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform
    by Emperor X
  38. Big Delusion Factory (2016)
    by The Taxpayers
  39. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
  40. Cocoon Music
    by Cocoon Music
  41. Take Up Arms
    by Momma Swift
  42. Johnny Depp
    by The Sulk Scouts
  43. I Used To Believe In The West
    by Songs For Moms
  44. Work (work, work)
    by HTRK
  45. No Place Land
    by Eziak