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  1. Wall of Nous
    by Illegal wave Records
    New Shit New Shit
  2. Rocket Fuel
    by Frostbite
  3. Million Fucking Pieces EP
    by Counterstrike
    The Cult The Cult
  4. Bright Colors 3
    Glimpse Glimpse
    by ToYou
    she sinks into cyber city she sinks into cyber city
  6. Draining Love Story
    by Sewerslvt
    Newlove Newlove
  7. Amen-talist - Round 8
    by Amen-tal
    Unoriginal Unoriginal
  8. Vagina Dentata
    by Kobaryo
  9. Ravekick 003 - Vinylization
    by HPTG Music
    Interplanetary Interplanetary
  10. The Nightmare Connector (PRSPCTLP017)
    by DJ Hidden
    The Nightmare Connector The Nightmare Connector
  11. Not Quite Forgotten
    by Embrionyc
    Time Passes By Time Passes By
  12. Totsuka No Tsurugi
    by I Hate Models
    Totsuka No Tsurugi Totsuka No Tsurugi
  13. SSSPCR 002 (PRSPCTSPCR002)
    by [KRTM] / Tim Tama
    Dream Syntax Dream Syntax
  14. Dinner For 1
    by Somniac One
    Estranged Estranged
  15. Foreign Objects
    by Strange Arrival
    Cobwebs Cobwebs
  16. 100% of Missin' You
    by Ghost in the Machine
    Unrequited Unrequited
  17. The Disputed Kings of Industrial (Genosha #020)
    by The Outside Agency & Ophidian
    The Silence The Silence
  18. Opus At The End Of Everything
    by The Flashbulb
    Terra Firma Terra Firma
  19. distressful blue
    by Hardcore Circulator
    technology marches on technology marches on
  20. Future Fusion Formula
    by V.A.
    Abandon Abandon