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  1. End Of The Circle
    by Ennui
  2. Ex Nihilo
    by Depths Above
  3. I Miortvym Snicca Zolak
    by Raven Throne
  4. Nu Nalkas Ragnarök (single)
    by DOMEDAG
  5. Onwards Desolation
  6. Of Loss And Grief
    by Aphonic Threnody
  7. When Death Comes
    by Aphonic Threnody
  8. Destin
    by Clouds Official
  9. V - Oceans
    by Slow
  10. Hirsute EP
    by Enter the Soil (Hirsute)
  11. Still Waiting
    by Enter the Soil (Hirsute)
  12. That Amber Lit Morning
    by Enter the Soil
  13. A Waltz For Apophenia
    by A Dream of Poe
  14. Weakness
    by Il Vuoto
  15. And Night Devours Me
    by Il Vuoto
  16. Liholesie ‎– The Fog of Transition
  17. Infraschall Vol​.​7
    by Dark System
  18. Condemned In Black
    by Darkapathy
  19. Alunar
    by Aureole
  20. Unsleep
    by Drown
  21. Outlander
    by Shattered Horizons
  22. Born From Filth (split)
    by Shattered Horizons
  23. Deceiving the Innocent
    by Shattered Horizons
  24. Shattered Horizons
    by Shattered Horizons
  25. Decay
    by AngelMaker
  26. Split EP
    by Lament - Isolations - AngelMaker
  27. Silence Lives Out/Over Whirlpool
    by Slow
  28. III - Gaïa
    by Slow
  29. Dissentient
    by AngelMaker
  30. The Hierarch
    by Hegemon
  31. Of Graves, Of Worms and Epitaphs
    by Aphonic Threnody & Frowning
  32. First Funeral
    by Aphonic Threnody
  33. Immortal in Death
    by Aphonic Threnody & Ennui
  34. OF POISON AND GRIEF (Four Litanies For The Deceased)
    by Aphonic Threnody
  35. Chaos
    by Tartarum
  36. The Bearer of All Storms
    by Descend into Despair
  37. starless aeon
  38. Rebellion
    by Decline of the I
  39. ...To Depart
    by DEOS
  40. Suicide Eve
    by Lament
  41. Fullmoon Asbath
    by Drunemeton
  42. Sorni Nai
    by Kauan
  43. Inner Sanctum
    by Suffer Yourself
  44. Hyaena
    by Sadist
    African Devourers African Devourers
  45. As All Light Leaves Her
    by Advent Sorrow