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  1. X Hail
    by PUZZLE
  2. Untitled
    by Raw Russian
  3. A Great Long Pause
    by Gloved Hands
  4. VHS
  5. U, Me and Madonna EP [CLIPPV001]
    by 1-800 GIRLS
    B1 - All Day All Night B1 - All Day All Night
    Keep calm, u damn 1-800 GIRLS! What an incredible EP. Just to say why I think this album will consecrate this artist: all tracks are not just beautiful, but original. Even a track like "Suncream", very ROSSFROMFRIENDS' style, has his unique sound. What a surprise, tho. See u soon, mate.
  6. DJ Barbo$$a - Untitled
    by Too Rough 4 Radio
  7. her EP
    by eery
  8. Think Of Me
    by DJ Sagol
  9. Pool Cocktail
    by Peter Palace
  10. Sparkling Champagne
    by Peter Palace
  11. Down With Boo
    by Infinite Pleasure
    Bandcamp asking me why do I love this track is like asking to a mother why she loves her son. God, this is pure beauty. Thanks a lot Infinite Pleasure, thanks a lot Slamb, u talented guy.
  12. Time Spent Away From U
    by DJ Seinfeld
    This album REPRESENTS MY LIFE so far. I'm not talking about the sounds, obviously out of this lo-fi world. I'm talking 'bout the full story behind it. What is art? This: that behind the material (MUSIC) the artist reveals his shrouded and deep self. What a joy, DJ SEINFELD. I've realized what is behind your life, DJ SEINFELD: beautiful and sad at the same time, just like a real art can be.
  13. Commercial Breaks
    by The Phantom's Revenge
    Commercial Break #6 Commercial Break #6
  14. Turn Your Love Around
    by Mood J
    Turn Your Love Around Turn Your Love Around
  15. Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes
    by Ross From Friends
    In An Emergency In An Emergency
    Incredible album. I'm not surprised anymore at Ross From Friends' genius. Starting w/ lo-fi genre, this incredible lad is now turning it around, achieving the acid-house, but in an unique style. It's getting interesting.
  16. Mary Janes Theory
    by Demuja
    A2. Get Up A2. Get Up
    This is the real House I've always searched for in my feelings. Every track from this album is a little hymn to the US' House tradition. Österreich has officially a new genius; his name is Demuja.
  17. Rearview
    by Baltra
    Untitled (A) Untitled (A)
  18. SBT001 - Various Artists
    by Step Back Trax
    Buddy Broke - Tisha Buddy Broke - Tisha
  19. i need you (in my life)
    by kemt
  20. i will never let you go
    by kemt