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    by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra
    by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra
    In this chapter the story of Alice Schach takes a dark turn by incorporating rock sounds into its mix of genres making the coolest conlang project even cooler. After having began as a part of the band "Lost in the Fog" and finding their identity in the duo project "Tokyo Babel", Nene Akagawa and Yuni Minami naturally tie back to their shoegaze roots in a way that feels so right.
  3. Alice Schach and the Reminiscent Bibliotheca
    by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra
    Chocolate Missile Chocolate Missile
    There is naturally a lot going on in this thirteen part adventure following Alice Schach. An ethereal delivery of the specifically constructued conlang language Alician is enveloped by a world of sounds ranging from arabic and classical to chiptune and glitchy J-core. A package this rich of flavor is simply rare.
  4. Alice Schach and the Frozen World Tree
    by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra
    a Solitude Wanderer -interlude- a Solitude Wanderer -interlude-
    This soft beginning of the story of Alice Schach holds a special place in my heart. As an introduction to Alice Schach herself, the frozen world tree is most likely the only location where such a purely magical and sweet experience can be shared with her. Finally, the contrasts with the increasingly captivating journeys of Alice Schach make coming back to the frozen world tree as a foundation even more special.
  5. Angst
    by Lost in the Fog
    Angst Angst
    Let the angst explode! I love the climax of the track Angst so it is as thrilling to hear the original version here as it is to hear its answer. This EP shows how well the vocals on top and the dreamy soundscapes underneath complement a range of shoegaze.
  6. The Grave Of Einzvach
    by Lost in the Fog
    fenetorito fenetorito
    This calm before the storm is so soothing that I would not spare a thought for the storm if it were not for the fact that I know the storm is going to be so good that I cannot help being excited for it. I guess I am simultaneously lost in both the tranquility and the anticipation.
  7. Mag Mell
    by Mili
    Imagined Flight Imagined Flight
    Mag Mell stands out among the Mili albums by having the most instrumental tracks and I love how these instrumental tracks combine classical with complexity and explosivity. This in combination with the rest of the album (including songs in english, japanes, fake latin and mixtures of these languages) is a great showcase of the ingenuity of Mili.
  8. わたしのYUME DIARY - EP
    by ミカヅキBIGWAVE
    わたしのYUME日記 わたしのYUME日記
    A perfect balance of the typical catchy melodies of future funk executed deftly and the rarer soothing future funk tracks makes the "my DREAM DIARY" EP by "crescent moon BIGWAVE" one of the ultimate future funk experiences. I just love seeing different sides of Mikazuki-chan.
  9. わたしの小さなGALAXY - Album
    by ミカヅキBIGWAVE
    Watashi No Chiisana Galaxy combines future funk with lo-fi to create a unique experience. Combining the dreamy lo-fi setting with the sweet melodies, vocals and effects of future funk transcends both genres by making lo-fi cuter than ever before. This album makes me want to hear lo-fi version of other Mikazuki BIGWAVE songs I love.
  10. U.U.F.O.
    by かめりあ(Camellia)
    Electromagnetic Stealth Girl Born In Philadelphia Electromagnetic Stealth Girl Born In Philadelphia
    Despite the size of U.U.F.O. it is full of tracks without those hardest Camellia beats that are a little much for me. This album is also full of fun samples ranging from the DK Rap to Nyanners saying "I have slime on my butt!". As always I also love when Camellia blends techno with rapid piano as in my favorite track and the track #1f1e33. There is simply a lot to love here.
  11. Future EP
    by Magic Circuit
    Slip (ft. Nyanners) Slip (ft. Nyanners)
    The Future EP contains more magical future funk with great synergy between liquid instrumentals and smooth vocals. Nonetheless, what is most magical is the emotion in the vocals and thus I want to thank Nyanners for making me feel something.
  12. Magic Circuit
    by Magic Circuit
    flowers flowers
    Magic Circuit is a smooth future bass journey through other electronic genres, such as chiptune, with a focus on lyricism that elevates each genre beyond its norm. Nyanners and Hatsune Miku have great synergy both with the genres and with each other while delivering beautiful messages, about life, across the circuit.
  13. Alkatraz
    You're an Ace, Kid You're an Ace, Kid
    Alkatraz is the most thematic DEMONDICE album and when the theme is electroswing rap things get exciting. KAREN's mix of Japanese and English rap became even more unique when it traveled a hundred years back in time. This combination achieves both a unique atmosphere and really hard hitting beats.
  14. Strange Fiction
    Strange Fiction feat. らっぷびと Strange Fiction feat. らっぷびと
    Strange Fiction stands out as a DEMONDiCE album by having more collaborations with other Japanese rap artists, peaking in the track Satanic Cypher, which fits really well with the mix of English and Japanese rap that KAREN uses. I also love the energy of this album and the bell sounds incorporated in the beats.
  15. Kakigori Galaxy Astronaut
    Soundless Soundless
    A perfectly balanced DEMONDICE EP starting with three positively energetic tracks and ending with three sweetly relaxing tracks. As always, the advanced rap and unqiue beats are impressive and this EP stands out for me since I especially enjoy how KAREN´s vocals synergize with slower beats of which this EP has a signifcant ammount.
  16. American Saikoro
    -outro-日本おやすみなさい -outro-日本おやすみなさい
    Once again DEMONDICE achieves the rare feat of creating really good wacky rap which peaks in the surprisingly awesome song
    Gang Gang, Kawaii. Nonethelss, it is the outro song that stands out to me since it demonstrates versatility and the potential to create excellent lo-fi tracks when focusing solely on the beats and melody.
  17. The Red, White and Black
    I really enjoy all the wacky sounds, such as laughter and sighs, in this album and how well they are incorporated into rap flow, beat and theme. From the very start KAREN succeeds on so many points and furthermore her advanced rhymes are also impressive, rhyming for example "heard of her" with "murderer" in SUCKERZ which really got stuck in my head.
  18. Civilisation
    by Kero Kero Bonito
    Once again the full Civilisation experience sets Kero Kero Bonito (KKB) apart from other acts more than everwith new spectacular sounds best described as simultaneously ancient and cosmic. These sounds are now enhanced by innovative progressions and explosive drops. As usual, these foreign sounds are tied together by soothing and nostalgic vocals. This nostalgia is now enhanced by japanese vocals that tie Civilization to the earlier releases by KKB.
  19. TOTEP
    by Kero Kero Bonito
    Only Acting (Radio Edit) Only Acting (Radio Edit)
    TOTEP efficiently and coherently shows off the Kero Kero Bonito phase of excellent indie rock with a kawaii twist. I love Only Acting and with the two versions in this EP I can experience the creativity of both its deterioration and its blossoming. There is wonderful contrast between the soothing vocals and the rough guitars.
  20. Me
    by Empress Of
    Standard Standard
    Each track is an intriquing exploration of what catchy melodies Empress Of can create and what she can do with her voice.