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Iker Garmendia

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  2. Electronic
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  1. Ichor
    by Deludium Skies
  2. Choice
    by The Liquid Clear
  3. Psychedelic Ghost Stories
    by Ether Diver
  4. The Spider Room
    by Joseph Blane
  5. Primigenian
    by Black Sky Giant
  6. 49 e.p.
    by scarless arms
  7. Version 3.0 (LP18)
    by Blue Sun Chasing
    Occupiers 2 Occupiers 2
    It's not only the most focused album by BSC (from the ones I've listened) but, hands down, one of the best ambient works I've had the pleasure of listening in the last few months.
    It sounds tense and menacing at parts; soothing and even narcotic at others. Always mysterious, organic and engaging.
    100% recommended!
  8. Embers
    by Third Eye Mutilation
  9. Joan
    by Whettman Chelmets
  10. gathering places
    by autumna
  11. botánica del olvido
    by bahía mansa
  12. Jasmine Trails
    by Jasmine Trails
    Candles Candles
    A true dream-pop jewel that deserves cult-status and, certainly, many more sales!
    If you're into bedroom, dreamy folk-rock buying this EP is a must. Looking forward to more stuff from this promising musician.
  13. the beginning to the end has already begun (Single7)
    by Blue Sun Chasing
  14. Towards the Nameless Darkness
    by Grave Gnosis
  15. As The Bloodmoon Rises
    by Vrdalakh
  16. Broken Gargoyles
    by Diamanda Galás
  17. To Hell To Zion
    by Gott
  18. A Brain Wholly Outside
    by Lalén Ríos Luna
  19. Meridian
    by Raymond Tani
  20. Music For No Tomorrow
    by Burial Grid