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  1. Cancer
    by The Osteoblasts
  2. I Kissed The Joker/Batman Theme
    by Psycho Charger
  3. Turn It On And Watch Your Parents Gettin' Sick
    by Gettin' Sick
  4. Do the Demonic
    by The Demonic Wardrobes
  5. Another World
    by The Dodgers
  6. Java Zombie
    by Thee Twangjackets
  7. Reptiloid (Floyd)
    by Thee Twangjackets
  8. The Calling
    by Dyna Jets
  9. Degeneradiation
    by Degenerated
  10. Astro-Tone
    by King Flamingo
  11. GAR GAR
    by GAR GAR
  12. Rock'n'Roll Is Undead 4-Band-Split 7''
    by Various Artists
  13. Grüße vom P3X-984
    by The Spacebugs
  14. The Shit Hits The Fans!
    by Cooterfinger

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  1. Grüße vom P3X-984
    by The Spacebugs