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  1. Memorial
    by Spaceslug
    Spring Of The Abyss Spring Of The Abyss
    First thing I did was buy this album while drinkin my 1st cup of coffee. This album is EVERYTHING you expect from Spaceslug, heavy, haunting, ethereal even. Looks like #1 for the year for me!
  2. Your Time To Shine
    by Monolord
    The Siren Of Yersinia The Siren Of Yersinia
    It's MONOLORD! What else needs to be said?
  3. The Event Horizon (track)
    by Spaceslug
    Any day I can wake up and find new's a damn good day! Slug never fail to drop great music!
  4. I'm Staying Home
    by Monolord
    I'm Staying Home I'm Staying Home
    The sound, the groove, the HEAVY! Monolord never fail to impress! One helluva way to start 2021!
  5. Ceremony
    by Eric Hilton
    The Depths The Depths
    The soundscape created is as always phenomenal! I've played entire album repeatedly while cutting gemstones, and don't expect to stop playing it anytime soon.
  6. Reality Dagger
    by Dopelord
    Dark Coils Dark Coils
    Dopelord takes no prisoners! Either you love these guys or you don't. If you're the latter, see the first sentence! Everything you'd expect from one of Poland's best.
  7. IV: The Stream Of Forgotten Thoughts
    by Weedpecker
  8. Devil's Bridge
    by Dope Smoker
  9. Deceiver
    by Khemmis
    Obsidian Crown Obsidian Crown
    Probably my favorite Khemmis album.
    by Hippie Death Cult
    Towards Infinity Towards Infinity
    Both tracks kick ass, but Towards Infinity just has that haunting sound that takes you somewhere else. Great 2 tracks, well worth it!
  11. False Dawn
    by Spacelord
  12. True Death
    by Old Horn Tooth
    EPIC!!! Brooding doom! This is the tune Dante heard as he approached the gate!
  13. Fostermother
    by Fostermother
  14. White Canyon & The 5th Dimension - Spectral Illusion [NR-LP027]
    by White Canyon & The 5th Dimension
    Oroboros Oroboros
    Put this album on in my smokin lounge to give it a good listen. DAMN!!! Start this one and let it play! Epic, brooding, haunting audio voyage! Spectral Illusion sets the tone, Endless Sea...damn. Just buy this!
  15. Full Of Hell
    by Firebreather
    FITTING!!! I don't think anyone else could cover a true Entombed classic and do it as much justice as Firebreather!
  16. Spiral
    by Kal-El
    Just a head bangin good time!
  17. Forgotten Days
    by Pallbearer
    The Quicksand Of Existing The Quicksand Of Existing
    FUCKING AMAZING!!! #1 for 2020!
  18. Leftovers
    by Spaceslug
    Wasted Illusion Wasted Illusion
    "Leftovers" sure as hell isn't cold pizza in the frig! The complete acoustic sound with the space vibe we all know and love, SpaceSlug evolve with every album. With a year full of great music, to be rounding it out with new Slug is icing on the cake!
  19. Sign Of The Devil
    by Dopelord
    Doom Bastards Doom Bastards
    Damn! I love this album. Heavy, melodic, riffage throughout. Dopelord does it again!
  20. Burn The Ships
    by Blacktop Mojo