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  1. Saturn - EP
    by Killer Bee
    IV. Swords IV. Swords
    Oh ya.. this track is the favorite..

    Killer bees swarming.... PROTECT YA NECK!!!!

  2. The Pistol
    by Sounds Like Violence
    You Give Me Heartattacks You Give Me Heartattacks
    I first heard this off the emo is evil emo is awesome vol.2 compilation...

  3. Trying To Figure Each Other Out
    by Brandtson
    Boys Lie Boys Lie
    I first heard this off the emo is evil emo is awesome vol.1 compilation

  4. Death & Taxes
    by Brandtson
    You Do The Science You Do The Science
    " I told you of a halfway house where we could meet to work things out..."
    " I slept there on the floor for weeks.."
    "You stayed between your comfortable sheets...."

    " I smile down and laugh as you hit the ground...."

    " Halfway down you always take the long way down...."

  5. The Vinyl Depreciation Society - Phoenix
    by The Vinyl Depreciation Society
  6. Last Call For All Passengers
  7. The Density Parameter
    by Mesarthim
  8. Weirdo
  9. Lunar Phases (VA - Dystopic Future)
    by LuneCell
  10. Kikagaku Moyo
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
    Tree Smoke Tree Smoke
    You already kno my fave song on this e.p................................

  11. Silbury Sands b/w Dry
    by Wolf People
  12. Glad I'm Not Me
    An excellent addition to my collection

  13. J.PERIOD Presents The Live Mixtape: Marauders Edition [Recorded Live]
    by J.PERIOD
    Luck of Lucien Luck of Lucien
    Man that beat is soo infectious and
    Q-tip flows so perfectly on time with it....


  14. The demon was me
    by Ancient Tree
    All hail ANCIENT TREE.....


  15. Kindly Spoken Thieves
    by Kindly Spoken Thieves
    Straights of Fear Straights of Fear
    A beautifully arranged and composed album...

    Love the cover art.
    Fits the mood of the entire album.

    🎧 kindly spoken thieves =❤

  16. Call Me (feat. Portugal. The Man)
    by Cherry Glazerr
  17. Jungle
    by Parrot Dream
  18. Stuffed & Ready
    by Cherry Glazerr
    Favorite track : "that's not my real life"

    🎧 Cherry glaZeRR =❤


  19. Smoke Sessions Volume I
    by Devin The Dude
  20. Bad Weird
    by ATG