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  1. Of Breath and Bone (Vinyl Remaster)
    by Be'lakor
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    Side A - Abeyance / Remnants Side A - Abeyance / Remnants
    This is a perfect metal band. Even better in vinyl mix, hell yeah!
    The inspiration behind these riffs and melodies must be truly formidable, this band is uniquely good at composing music. What's more, Be'lakor sounds like Be'lakor, they do not copy or imitate other metal bands, and somehow their music remains immediate and not contrived. There is also a lot of classically inspired melodies and harmonies on this album, which makes for interesting re-listens.
  2. The Frail Tide
    by Be'lakor
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    Neither Shape Nor Shadow Neither Shape Nor Shadow
  3. Citadel
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    Painters of the Tempest (Part III): Reveries from the Stained Glass Womb Painters of the Tempest (Part III): Reveries from the Stained Glass Womb
    Masterful, intricate, thoughtfully written and sincerely performed music. Honestly, only superlatives and unreserved adoration for this band. This music is able to devour a listener, to uplift and make them open to the beauty of the outer and the inner world. After listening to this album I often find myself in a state of acute mindfulness, heightened senses and openness to the world. This is music that moves and improves a person.
  4. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
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    The Faintest Echo (Ash Memory Part IV) The Faintest Echo (Ash Memory Part IV)
    A masterpiece of music and storytelling. This is an experience that will leave a mark on the listener. You will remember these songs for your entire life. They form a perfect trajectory between quiet and raging energy, bringing the listener into an unknown yet familiar land of fairytale and nature alive with spirit and soul.
  5. Guardians
    by Saor
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    Hearth Hearth
  6. Seraphical Euphony
    by Hyperion
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    Seraphical Euphony Seraphical Euphony
    This album has much in common with many classical masterpieces of concert music. It reminds me of such composers as Chopin, it's very Romantic in the strict sense of the word. The grandeur and scale of this music is something very different and not often seen even in metal.
    I highly recommend this album to extreme metal fans and everyone who is into big sweeping music.
  7. Rechka
    by Rvi mekha
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    Мystery forest Мystery forest
    Catchy as hell. This band has to become famous, they deserve it. And what a name! It means Tear the Bellows, ie accordion bellows.
    The overall feeling is playful and energizing, even with darker themes, thanks to the accordion and vocals, and also some meaty riffing. I like the singer very much, she can sound both enticing and menacing. The lyrics are meaningful and poetic, not a missed word or rhyme.

    Спасибо, ребята! Вы большие молодцы. Очень яркая и классная музыка и отличные стихи.
  8. Volentat
    by boisson divine
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    Caussada deus Martirs Caussada deus Martirs
    I need some shining armor ASAP!
    This band creates accessible and memorable music with a flavor of chivalric romance. The Gascon language suits it well, because it is a modern version of the Occitan language of knights and troubadours.
    The songs are really catchy and upbeat. Good folk metal/punk stuff, a bit like Mago de Oz but better. And don't miss the song about eating mushrooms! I like it that the language has a special word for "a lot of tasty mushrooms". Food for knights, yeah! Chaaaarge!
  9. Heart of Akamon
    by Nechochwen
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    The Serpent Tradition The Serpent Tradition
  10. J.S. Bach: "Open" Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (Piano)
    by Kimiko Ishizaka
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    Aria Aria
  11. Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1
    by Kimiko Ishizaka
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Prelude No. 2 in C minor, BWV 847 Prelude No. 2 in C minor, BWV 847