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  1. The Case of Diana Doris
    by Organelle Spy
    Fisherman Fisherman
  2. Achievement
    by pilotredsun
    greetings greetings
  3. Well Aware
    by Rollercoasterwater
    Well Aware Well Aware
  4. Bohemian Groove
    by Meznoyume
    Island of Saves Island of Saves
  5. Crystal Coyote (don't slam dance)
    by Azuresands大麻
    Theme from "Crystal Coyote" Theme from "Crystal Coyote"
  6. Luxury Girls
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    by Limousine
    Okinawa Beach Okinawa Beach
  8. S o p h i s t i S u r f
    p o l a r o i d s p o l a r o i d s
  9. AltaVista Shopping eXperienZ
    by Zima Clearmalt
    V I R T U A L parkgarage V I R T U A L parkgarage
  10. Wizarding
    by Don Gero
    Fire Ball I Fire Ball I
    (My real favorite track is Rock I, but Fireball I is my second favorite. It is the only one I can currently select.)

    This album is engaging and thought-provoking all while being extremely accessible.
    I interpret this album as a record of progress in a brief window of a wizard's magical career.
    My way of thinking about this is that each track's music aligns with the spell name and level such that the music describes the process of learning and/or casting each spell at the given level.

    The first-level tracks are always busy and exciting, disorganized at first but forming together in the end. This is just like one may imagine learning a new spell: the student is excited and knows the potential of what they are learning, but doesn't really know what they're doing yet. By the time they have mastered the first level, they are able to cast with relative ease.
    Additionally, the first levels establish musical motifs that are used in the second and third levels; building as they go. The student knows the inner workings of the spell they have learned, how it "feels" to them.

    The second levels are just as exciting, but less busy and more of a smooth experience with some brief jolts of action interspersed. The student is getting better; they experience less trouble when they are learning or casting. The second level tracks are always shorter in playtime than the first, the third always shorter than the second. Not only is the student better at the craft, but they are more efficient and can cast and learn faster.
    All of these aspects are true testaments to the wizard's progress: they are getting stronger.

    The third levels abstract the first and second levels into the most streamlined, elegant and powerful versions of the motifs in the previous two levels. There is nothing left to learn in this spell path, the wizard is the strongest they can be with the spell. They can cast by muscle memory and do so with power and efficiency.

    Don, you fucking genius.
  11. Homesick™
    by MindSpring Memories
    aG9tZXNpY2s= aG9tZXNpY2s=
  12. Inner Journey
    by Azuresands大麻
    Waveswell Waveswell
  13. スケルトンケージ (SKELETON CAGE)
    by クリムゾン介錯 (Crimson Kaishaku)
    明快な (clear) 明快な (clear)
  14. The ßlack Lodge
    by ΔCID.rar
    -douglas furs- -douglas furs-
  15. Brigador, Vol. I
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
    There is No Law Here There is No Law Here
  16. Another One Bites the Mustard
    by Mustard-In-Law
    Side 1 Side 1
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. dizzyfruit
    by Dizzyfruit
    Roller Coaster Roller Coaster
    by Slime Girls
    Bonfires Bonfires
  19. Home Brew (Coffeebreaks)
    by Knablinz
    Side A Genuine (Roasted) Side A Genuine (Roasted)
    by Various Artists
    Roe v. Duffy Roe v. Duffy
  21. new old stock in italics
    by thickly painted closet
    End of Tokai/Airwaç End of Tokai/Airwaç
  22. Parallel Vertices
    by Cotter Champlin
    The Koch Snowflake The Koch Snowflake
  23. Landlocked
    by Olive & The Pitz
    East Bumblefuck East Bumblefuck
  24. Feud
    by Replica Federation
    Blood Feud Blood Feud
  25. This Is the Day
    by KROPN
    smoke swirls across the sky smoke swirls across the sky
  26. Textures Vol 1
    by a b d e r s t a
    iznofymseogereht iznofymseogereht
    A sonically competent vaporwave release which takes interesting aesthetic risks. Very fun listen. my favorite track, 'iznofymseogereht,' samples a source seen very frequently in vaporwave/plunderphonics, and so I see its inclusion as a reference to this.
  27. the boy who cried wolf
    by whyetc
  28. Electromagnetic
    by Panzer Paradise
    Doji Doji
  29. "Jazz Hands"
    by Azuresands大麻
    Chez Voulez Chez Voulez
  30. Get In Line, Lucy
    by palmlines
    Unfurl Unfurl
  31. Blob On A Grid
    by Cabo Boing
    Asleep In The Saddle Asleep In The Saddle
  32. Hotel Universo
    by Azuresands大麻, 205 G E N T R Y ジェン and ☒
    ☒ - Basement Disco ☒ - Basement Disco
    For a collaboration by three artists with distinct style and sound, this record has no trouble keeping the atmosphere fluid and coherent. Expert implementation of sampling can be seen throughout the record, most notably in the featured track HALLTV. A lot of these tracks establish juicy little motifs and harp on them, perhaps a bit too much as i saw with ROOM 401 and RELIEF. Definitely a good album to study if this vaporwave is important to you.
  33. Hidden Empire
    by Outer 神殿
    不毛の砂漠 不毛の砂漠
    Hits home. I feel like I've been to the place on this album's cover.
    Wonderful work on this record.
  34. I Too (Me Also)
    by The Planet You
    If Time Is Circular, I'll Be Forever If Time Is Circular, I'll Be Forever
  35. Satisfaction, Always!
    by XtraFlatt
    Stale Popcorn in the K-Cafe™ Stale Popcorn in the K-Cafe™
    Wow. Vice '98 didn't lie when they called this a "heavy" mallsoft album. This really got to me in a way that reminded me of when I first discovered genres like mallsoft.
    The nostalgia and tangible feeling of "something is off" that I got while listening to this were very intense. Stale Popcorn in the K-Cafe™️ was the culmination of these feelings. The title lends the sense that the listener is alone – not just physically in the store they sit in but probably in their entire life – and the only solace they find is being in this store. It's a hustling, bustling, and TIRED giant of capitalism, serving customers and granting them Satisfaction, Always! even when they're down on their luck and left with nothing but depression and loneliness. It's just the way they're formulated.

    P.S. I really appreciated the sampling of actual K-Mart store cassettes in this record. Very classy, added a lot to the atmosphere and not many people would catch where those certain sounds are from.
  36. Possible Mountain
    by ROM
    Crawl Upside Down Crawl Upside Down
    To me, Possible Mountain is the day to day human struggle represented by sonic narrative. The entire album features complex and layering instrumentation which builds up and gives way to a low-fi indie sound, reminiscent of how one can see varying degrees of complexity and sentimentality living day to day. A progression is seen from a place of determination in Gonzo & And We Will Go to a place of struggle in Journey and the beginning of With You and For Me (jungle drums, synth progressions that resemble sounds of confusion and agitation). With You and For Me gives way toward the middle to a soft and rambling acoustic segment, with some spacey and twanging synths in the background. Going with the theme, it seems the speaker of the album has overcome the climb.

    On the speaker - like so many great works of fiction, the album's style leaves an "empty space" for a speaker or protagonist which the sounds follow, and thus listeners can better project their own experiences, mindset and persona into the empty space which takes the journey that the album lays out. For me, this was a great factor which contributed to my enjoyment of the album.

    Crawl Upside Down is a place of bliss, reflection and enlightenment. The speaker looks back on what they have gone through and is well equipped to move forward with a newfound drive. A switch is seen in the middle of the track to a different state - the bliss is removed, but the consistent forward motion is still being represented by driving basslines, up-tempo piano/synth fills and distant, high vocals.
    All of this is broken with a moment of dissonance, clattering samples and frightening spontaneity which is just long enough to make the listener believe that perhaps all that was worked for in the struggle was dismantled again, leading the listener full circle into another struggle to be overcome. Play this album on loop and you will see - it is a seamless sonic experience and truly a great experimental work.
  37. KIM
    by Mondrian Loop
    HeyHelloHowAreYou? HeyHelloHowAreYou?
    appears in 1 other collection
  38. LATE NIGHT DELIGHT (Remastered)