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  1. Berlin, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. Kūka'ilimoku
    by Kūka’ilimoku
    When It Becomes Permanent When It Becomes Permanent
    Amazing! Ildjarn meets Cruel Master! I fucking love it!
  2. Demo VII
    by Cruel Master
    Devil Next Door Devil Next Door
    Every demo a masterpiece of pure hatred, disgust and perversion!
  3. Het ondenkbare
    by Himelvaruwe
  4. Döda Själar
    by Mylingar
    Cruel Death and hate!
  5. Mahalabelial
    by AOS
    Raw melodic black cosmic insanity! How can you not like it!
  6. Down Open The Seas Of Nature
    by Lumnos
  7. Shining Mirros
    by Lumnos
  8. The Heliosphere Singularity
    by Lumnos
  9. Coldspace Station
    by Lumnos
  10. Spiritual Chaos
    by Lumnos
  11. A Desolate Landscape
    by Lumnos
  12. Omnium lux (split auztaroth)
    by Lumnos
  13. Ancient Shadows of Saturn
    by Lumnos
  14. Among The Stars Of Ressurection
    by Lumnos
  15. Gratitude and Honor (A Tribute Album)
    by Lumnos
  16. Before The Light
    by Lumnos
  17. Shining Star
    by Lumnos
  18. Elder Giants
    by Sun Worship
    We Sleep We Sleep
    Great opening for a great Album and a perfect Band!
    Had the pleasure to watch them live including 'We Sleep'.
    Support or rot in feces!
  19. Demo IV
    by Cruel Master
  20. Döda Drömmar
    by Mylingar
    Drömmen Drömmen
  21. Split 7" with ØDELEGGER
    by HEKATE
    HEKATE - Legion der Leichen HEKATE - Legion der Leichen
  22. Demo VI
    by Cruel Master
    Midnight Voyeur Midnight Voyeur
  23. Döda Vägar
    by Mylingar
    Hämnden Hämnden
  24. SINISTRE - Les frères fossoyeurs - Macabres révélations (OP010|2006)
    by Occultum Productions
  25. MMXL
    by Nemesis Sopor
    Despot Despot
  26. Rauhnächte
    by Nemesis Sopor
  27. Demo V
    by Cruel Master
    Naked & Bleeding Naked & Bleeding
  28. Anthologie Der Abkehr
    by Wallfahrer