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  1. The White Flame - Single
    by Hekseblad
  2. Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy
    by The Bishop of Hexen
  3. The Fall of Cintra
    by Hekseblad
  4. Gathering Sorcery to the Eternal Portals of the Past PT III
    by Μνήμα
  5. Profound Misery in the Radiance of the Bloodmoon
    by Cefaris
  6. Klanen/Μνήμα/Celestial Sword/The Oracle
    by The Oracle
  7. Bosse-de-Nage [2021 Remaster]
    by Bosse-de-Nage
  8. Isle Of The Immortals
    by Visions of Yōkai
  9. Calling of Phasmic Presence / Ceremonial Crypt Desecration
    by Calling of Phasmic Presence
  10. Abhorrent Antediluvian Blessings
    by Panzerwar
  11. Luminol
    by Midwife
  12. Beachy Head
    by Beachy Head
  13. Remnants Of A Bewildered Ache
    by Lamp of Murmuur
  14. Crawling Nebula of Dismal Light
    by The Sun’s Journey Through The Night
  15. Spectrumrites
    by Spectrumrites
  16. Undying Blackened Glory
    by Hellmoon *Official*
  17. Darkness Calls Upon Me
    by Nyctophilia
  18. Neoteric Emptiness
    by Tomhet
  19. Distro Items
    by Realm and Ritual
  20. Valac/Nihil Invocation Split
    by Appalachian Noise Records