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  1. LGF 706 The Rebel/Pablo Ruiz
    by thedjschoice
  2. The Rebel - JB's Need Some Money
    by thedjschoice
  3. Certified Organic EP
    by Sunfruits
  4. TNAE01 - Bumpa2Bumpa All Nite Long / Front Row People (7" Vinyl and/or Digital Available)
    by That's Not An Edit
  5. First Splash
    by Dive Team 5
  6. Go-Go Sapien & Vicuna Coat split 7"
  7. SOW-012 - Ouzo Bazooka - Killing Me/Kirpiklerin Ok Eyle (release May the 1st)
    by Ouzo Bazooka
  8. Fire Fire
    by Two Headed Dog
  9. Reflection of Mine
    by Hibiscus Biscuit
  10. Diamond Queen / The Majestic Purple Sky
    by Bhopal's Flowers
  11. Monoliths
    by Turtle Skull
  12. Cumbéalo // Tropidelico
    by Superfónicos
  13. Money b/w This Feeling I Get
    by Doug Shorts
  14. Get With The Program / Heads or Tails
    by Doug Shorts
  15. Eastern Flowers 7"
    by Sven Wunder
  16. Wabi Sabi 7"
    by Sven Wunder
  17. Here She Comes
    by Rosa Maria
  18. "Blue Topaze" b/w "Ballade Sybarite"
    by DJ Format & Topaze Chantilly b/w Djar One & Topaze Chantilly
  19. A Man Like Me
    by Ian Kay
    A Man Like Me A Man Like Me
    This is so boss. Heavy thick sound, dance floor rocker, solid 60s era specific vibe, killer organ.
  20. Pista (Great Start)
    by Los Bitchos